How To Keep Your Pet Dog Cool In Scorching Summers

If you own a dog, the scorching heat can raise the alarm.  Here are some ways to keep your dog cool

When the summer sun shines, it is time to go out and indulge in the festivity, but if you have a pet dog, the picture is different altogether. If you own a canine, the scorching heat can raise the alarm, as the furry creatures cannot endure the onslaught of blazing heat and light. In the summertime, your dog can heavily pant, salivate, or foam, all indicating the onset of a heat-related disease that can not only leave your furry partner exhausted but also cause serious illness.

If you feel that your dog is not coping well with increased temperatures, it is necessary to take them to a vet. But as the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and with these tips, you can ensure that your dog stays cool in summer.

Grooming For Summer

You need to consider two important factors: while grooming a dog, you should not reduce the dog’s coat too much that it increases the risk of sunburn. On the other hand, you should trim the fur and hair to the extent that the added insulation mechanism is kept in check and your dog doesn’t feel overwhelming heat. All in all, when summer arrives, as a dog owner, you should groom your dog.

Sun-Sheltered Outdoor Area

If you have a well-trained pet dog, the chances are that it is not allowed indoors for various reasons. This means that your dog is going to spend the vast majority of time outdoors. While some owners might have the leverage to fix a spot in a driveway or garage, most homes are designed in a way that dogs only have access to outdoors that are unsheltered. In this case, you must arrange a shady spot where your dog can relax.

Keep Them Hydrated

Humans aren’t the only creatures that enjoy a glass of chilled water after being exposed to heat. Like humans, dogs love to have a fresh drink, in most cases water on a hot summer day. Therefore, it is important to carry fresh water with you whenever you take your canine fellow out on a walk.

It is also important to take care of the nutrition of your pet dog in the summer. It would be best if you always went for dog food that doesn’t have elements causing dehydration. Dog food can be pretty expensive, but with Chewy Coupons and Promo Codes, you can access sick discounts that save you a ton. 

Schedule Walks In The Evening

It would help if you were diligent about the time you take your dog out. Dog’s are naturally outgoing creatures, and they love to move about. Walks are necessary for bonding between the owner and the pet and the physical and mental development of the canine itself. You can schedule walks in two-time frames: one in the morning before the sun comes up and the second in the evening, just after it sets. These times are also perfect if you are a working professional since they do not coincide with the usual office timings.

Never Keep Your Dog In A Car

This situation generally arises when you are out running errands and leave your pet in the car for an odd half hour. During summers, especially when the sun is up, the temperatures in enclosed spaces can quickly rise to dangerous levels. Even if your car is parked in the shade, the residual heat of the atmosphere can penetrate indoors and make your dog uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best that you either get a dog sitter or ask a friend to look after your furry mate for the time you are outside.

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