How to Keep Your Dog Healthy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dogs are our family, and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy during the global pandemic due to Covid-19.

To most of us, dogs are a part of our family. We treat them as our equals. After the outbreak of Covid-19, all pet lovers are very worried about their pet buddies’ wellbeing.

Dogs trust us the most when it comes to their vulnerable situation or when they feel sick. They expect us to take care of them and be by their side when they feel insecure for some reason.

Some pet owners have a few commonly asked questions that they are confused about. We will discuss those confusions so that the pet owners and their pets can live in peace and harmony during the tough times locked in their homes.

How to Keep Your Dogs Healthy During this Lockdown?

Don’t think just because they are pets. It’s pretty standard for pets to experience physical and mental troubles, similar to humans. They don’t experience these abnormal circumstances.

Pets can experience stress, which pushes them towards far worse health conditions in the future. Specific exercises might help them have a healthier body and mind to release and reduce stress. These exercises are mainly to help their bodies and mind remain in good condition.

If you have a dog and have a yard at your place, take the dog out for a game of fetching a ball. However, if you are taking your dog out for a walk or to play with them somewhere outside your house, in someplace public, make sure to maintain distance. Try to keep your distance from other people and their pets.

To avoid any contamination, sanitize your hands before and after you walk or play with your pet. Make sure you sanitize or wash your dog’s paws as well.

Outdoor games can often make your pets get fleas. To avoid fleas, try DEWELPRO.

If you are looking forward to indoor games, you can try playing hide and seek or engage them with other indoor activities. For active brain capability, you can teach your pet new tricks and behavioral lessons. Don’t forget to treat them afterward as rewards.

On the other hand, if you are a cat owner, try playing with ping pong balls. Set them up with cardboard. They love boxes! Act like you are trying to catch them. That’ll make them excited and active, and that will give them enough physical activities.

Other than that, you can get them active by drawing their attention with a stick and feather. They love that game a lot! You can prepare a tunnel and maze game for them that will help them utilize their brains. The more they use their brains, the more their minds will be healthier.

If your pet has some type of phobia, make sure they feel more accustomed to such situations and are not afraid or uncomfortable with it. These can be clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, or when you want to clean their ears.

The best we can do for our pets is to take care of them and keep them healthy. Pets are most responsive towards companions who are calm and patient.

Is your Pet Interrupting you During Work?

 It is indeed tough to ignore the cute faces and activities of your pet when you’re working. But pets can get real clingy at times, which might hamper your work. Here are a few things you can do when your pet is distracting you at work.

Some common ways your pets can interrupt your work are when they bark loudly during calls or meetings,  or your cat may walk over your keyboard mess up your documents. It can be stressful.

To avoid these, you can feed your pet before you start working. Prepare the food and water so that they don’t have to disturb you for it. You can prepare them a cozy spot where they can rest after their meal.

Ensure that dangerous items aren’t left exposed to your pets so that when you are busy working, they don’t hurt themselves—things such as wires or heavy objects. Sometimes certain sounds can trigger your pet, such as notification pings. Make sure to turn them off.

However, having a pet has a lot of benefits for your health. They keep you happy and help you focus on work.

What Steps to Take to Keep Your Pet Safe?

It is always a matter of uncertainty when you let kids play with your pets. They might not understand and hurt them unintentionally. It is better to stay near the kids when they play with your dog or cat.

You can teach children how to hold and handle them with care.

What to Do if Your Pet Needs a Vet During the Lockdown?

The first step to take under such situations is to call your vet, consult them over the phone so that you don’t have to go out in public and expose yourself to the virus.

If it’s something serious, your vet can make house calls, or you can go to a clinic where high sanitation and protection facilities are provided. 

 Can Pets get Covid-19 Positive?

 Some pets have been tested positive for the virus who have been exposed to their affected companions. However, it’s still not proven that pets can spread the virus.

As we are not sure of it yet, it’s better to keep a safe distance from our pets and keep them clean all the time. Take them to the vet if they fall sick more than usual, and you should wash up properly after holding them to avoid any contamination.

Give your Pets All the Love and Care

 Make sure you vaccinate your pets on time to avoid them getting sick. If you spay/ neuter your pets, their life expectancy extends, and they will be healthier than ever. There are vets and so many options available to take help from when you are confused about something.

You can always look up to someone reliable, and you trust them with your pets. I hope this guide will help you with what you need.

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