How to Master Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy in 6 Simple Steps

Keeping your dog happy and healthy can make a massive difference in your dog’s behavior and help you in the process too.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy during the current climate may be a challenge in many ways. However, finding the right approach can make a massive difference in your dog’s behavior and help you in the process too.

Here are six steps to help both you and your dog to stay happy and healthy:

Increase Their Toy Collection

It would be best if you thought about investing in eco-friendly dog toys made from safe materials. Include toys that they can chew or that engage and keep them interested for extended lengths of time. 

Create A Tailored Excercise Plan

There are many different ways you can do this, by following a few of these ideas:

Long Walks

Taking your dog for a long, socially distanced walk is a great way to explore your local area and provide you with both an excellent workout and improve both of your mental health. 

Meditation and Doga (Dog Yoga)

Find a little relaxation for you and your dog every day, and a little Zen may work wonders for your dog’s well-being and support you too. 

You could also introduce your dog to music for dogs, and you could teach your dog relaxation or even have a dance together. 

Add Fun and Joy To Your Dogs Day

Create An Obstacle Course

Get creative and create a fun obstacle course for your dog; drag out the hula hoops, skipping ropes, balls, and lay out an obstacle course that will keep your dog entertained for hours. They will love you for it. Be sure to reward them with dog treats and give them loads of encouragement. 

Tug – of- War

The dog loves to have a Tug-of-War game; it is also a great way to build resilience.  You can use an old towel instead of a braided rope toy. Find something in your home that works for you both. 

Cook Up Some Tasty Treats

Provide your dog with a healthy balanced diet, and plenty of fresh drinking water throughout the day. You could also create some tasty treats from a few fresh ingredients. 

Try to be consistent with feeding times is a great way to control your dog’s weight this will ensure that they stay happy and healthy.

Click this link for more nutritious meal ideas.

A Dog’s Day Pamper Session

Factoring in regular grooming sessions is essential for your dog’s health and well-being. Pamper sessions for your dog is also an excellent way to bond and get closer to your pet. Make the sessions fun and rewarding for your dog, giving them lots of love and praise; it will make you both feel great. 

Connection Is Key

You are your dog’s best friend, and they look up to you for safety and support. The lockdown and restrictions due to Covid-19 may be restrictive, but use the time to get the most out of the time with your dog. 

Relax together and snuggle up together on the couch while watching a movie is a perfect way to unwind for you both. 

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