How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing In His Bed

It isn’t very reassuring when you find that your dog has peed on his bed. This shouldn’t stress you since you should know that this happens a lot.

It’s common for dogs to pee as a means of marking their territory. However, if the behavior persists, it could be a sign that your dog isn’t adequately trained, you are not taking him out frequently, he is sick or anxious. You should be calm and know that there are several solutions to this problem. 

Visit a Vet

Your pup might be sick, and the vet can determine whether he is suffering from kidney disease, incontinence, hormone-responsive urinary incontinence, arthritis, joint problems, emotional responses, UTIs, inadequate house training, or whether it’s a marking disorder. Besides, he might be dealing with serious issues such as cancer or parasites that might have infested the urinary tract. The vet will prescribe medication and recommend ways that will help reduce inadequate peeing.

Provide House Training

Your pup needs housetraining to understand that you need him to pee outside and not indoors. Walk your dog outside after meals, when they wake up, and before you sleep. Besides, you should prioritize your dog’s emotional state. If he is prone to separation anxiety, canine experts at HoundJunkie would advise you to train that out of their system efficiently. Once the dog understands that it’s inappropriate to urinate, it is less likely to be repeated in the future.

Air & Wash the Bedding

You can remove the bedding immediately when they pee and clean it. You can apply an enzymatic cleaner (affiliate link) or use baking soda to deodorize the bedding. You can also look for absorbent material and place it on the dog’s bed to contain their pee. 

Use a Smaller Crate

The chances are high that your pup urinates on the bed since the crate is too big; hence they allocate one corner for peeing. Ensure that the crate is large enough to allow turning but don’t provide too much space.

Offer Praise

Pet owners sometimes let their dogs out to pee and allow them in once they are done with their business. Your pup might fail to understand the significance of peeing outside; therefore, once your dog pees outside, wait till they return, then offer praise for a good job. Your dog will also look forward to receiving treats, but be careful with these, as the dog might start to squirt outside only to continue eliminating in the house to get a treat. Adding a command word for elimination can also be helpful, as it helps the dog understand the command better.  

It’s essential to determine the root cause of your dog’s urination problem to find an adequate solution. It’s annoying when you have to keep up with the pungent smell, but with the above techniques, your pup will stop peeing on the bed in no time.

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