How to Take Care of an Aging Senior Dog

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One of the most challenging tasks dog owners have to deal with is when our beloved senior dog gets old and sees its health gradually deteriorating.

By Guest Blogger Zarlish

Our dogs depend on us, and we rely heavily on them, too, so knowing how to take care of an aging dog is a crucial part of any relationship between humans and dogs. This article will learn what you should do when your pet is aging. Pet starts having trouble walking, eating, or going potty. All you need is to give them care by providing them with their favorite food, such as eating dry food or something else, taking care of their routine, and giving attention.

You will also find out how to keep your older pet from getting bored while staying indoors alone during the day. And finally, you will learn how to deal with other problems that might affect your beloved pets’ quality of life and their ability to enjoy it.

What To Do When Your Aging Senior Dog Starts Having Problems?

We need to be prepared for when our dogs start having trouble walking, eating, or going potty; we also need to know what we can do to help them live a pain-free and comfortable life.

One of the most common problems associated with aging is arthritis, making it pretty hard for your puppy to get around. The best way to help your dog is by changing his diet; this should include more Omega -3 fatty acids (found primarily in fish oil), which reduce inflammation. You should also make sure to take your dog for regular walks to help keep his muscles toned up and his body healthy.

As soon as you notice that your older pet is having trouble going potty, you should schedule a visit to the vet so they can check if there’s nothing wrong with the dog’s urinary tract, a common problem in aging pets. You can also give him cranberry supplements or change his diet to include more water-rich foods such as carrots, zucchini, and tomatoes.

Your dog is getting older, and you wonder what could be done to make sure that he lives life to the fullest.

Here are some tips on how you can improve his quality of life when he gets older:

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How to take care of your senior dog:

Give routine check-ups

As your senior dog ages, vet visits should become more frequent. Ensure that your aging pooch is always checked for any sign of illness or disease so that it won’t worsen over time. An elderly dog may have trouble with mobility due to arthritis or hip dysplasia, which could lead to stiffness in the joints, making him less active and reducing endurance levels. Also, remember to keep a close eye on new lumps and bumps on his skin since cancer is not uncommon among old dogs.

Provide the right diet

If your dog is on some particular medications, you should ask your vet about his nutritional needs. When he gets older, he would most likely need less food than when he was younger since eating may become more difficult due to decreased digestive capabilities. But make sure that his daily meal doesn’t stress out his heart, which could weaken over time due to old age. Better yet, consult a veterinary nutritionist to design a diet according to the age and size of your dog.

Keep things calm and simple

As dogs get older, they tend to be more sensitive towards changes of any kind; loud noises, crowded areas, or behavior changes of owners are examples of stress-inducing factors that could trigger him to get anxiety and fear. If your dog is showing stress, try to eliminate factors that could be causing this; visit from strangers, too much human interaction. Forcing an old dog into a new environment can cause him more stress than it’s worthwhile he gets older.

Keep his mental faculties sharp

Old dogs may have some memory retention problems, so you should make sure that he always knows where he should do their business and what behavior is expected out of them when at home. This way, if aging causes him impaired cognitive abilities, later on, he won’t go wandering away from home since he’ll know where the house is and what’s expected from him while inside the house.

Keep him active

Just because he is aging doesn’t mean that you can leave him on the couch all day. Make sure that he gets some good exercise now and then to keep his muscles strong and prevent any loss of mobility, which could cause even more problems as time goes by. However, don’t overdo it since old dogs may not be able to handle strenuous activities very well; if he seems tired or starts panting uncontrollably after a short walk around the park, call it quits for the day.

Spend quality time with him

Even though your senior dog is getting older, make sure you set aside some quality time where you can cuddle with him on a couch or go out for an adventure. Spending time with your aging dog is a great way to make sure he feels loved and well cared for since quality bonding experiences increase his happiness and help strengthen the bond between you two even more.

Wrapping Up!

Although your dog may be getting old, you can always ensure that he has a good life by providing him with all the essentials no matter what difficulties come along as he gets older. By having realistic expectations on how difficult things would be as your dog grows older. Pet owners should have no problem helping their furry family members age gracefully and live life to its most whole every day of the year.

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