How You Can Establish Yourself as a Self-Employed Vet

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We all love animals, and those who feel that devotion down to their core often become veterinarians.

If you go through everything –the schooling, the work, and all the bills –to become a licensed vet, you might feel a bit discouraged if you cannot find a practice to hire you.

Founding your own practice is not easy, but there are ways to do what you love. Do not let the difficulty of finding a hiring hospital discourage you from pursuing your desire to help animals.

There are things you can do to establish yourself as a self-employed vet with a good reputation. You can take steps to ensure you have everything you need, and you can work from home or make house calls if you do not have a location to practice out of. Here are some things you can do to market yourself as a self-employed vet.

1.Gather the Tools You Need

Once you have the training, the education, the degree, and a license for your veterinary practice, you might think you have all that you need. However, without the resources of an established hospital or practice, you might underestimate what you need to run a proper vet’s office. You will need clean areas to perform procedures and checkups, you will need various supplies and tools, and you will need veterinary software.

A good software will help you establish your practice right from the start. It can provide the tools you need to keep records, monitor progress, and other parts of running a business that are imperative to its success.

2.Consider What Kind of Practice You Will Have

Will you specialize in certain types of animals? Will you travel to locations to treat the animals, or have a stationary office? Consider these types of important questions before you begin to establish yourself as a viable business. Everything needs to be in order and “above ground”, as it were, so that you can be a trust worthy option for people’s precious animals.

Approximately 20% of veterinarians in the United States are considered self-employed, and most of them are in more remote regions –lots of farms and ranches. Knowing what sort of care you will specialize in will help you manage your business more efficiently and market yourself specifically towards the right demographic.

3.Self-Employed vs Being a Worker

There is a lot of confusion between being truly, legitimately self-employed and being defined as a worker. There are certain rights by some laws that workers might have that self-employed individuals do not.

As such, it is important to consider if you are prepared to be fully self-employed, or if you would rather try to join a practice or even start a practice with other people. Having others around may make the process easier and more manageable, and you may be able to better market yourself if you are not narrowed down to one region or special skill.

However, there is nothing wrong with self-employment, especially as a veterinarian. You have more freedom to perform procedures the way that you learned,and you have more time to focus on the individuals under your care than you would if you were part of a larger practice or hospital. Still, the distinction is important to consider.


Whatever you ultimately decide, if you are truly determined to be a veterinarian and help animals, then your passion will drive you to whatever path is the best for you. Establishing yourself as a self-employed veterinarian will not be easy, but it will be rewarding.

If a practice or hospital is willing to bring you on, your start in the vet world may be a little easier, but it might not feel like an accomplishment that way that being self-employed does. Whatever you choose, remember the most important thing –you are making the world a better place through your work.

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