Humans Must Understand Dog Behavior

I saw the saddest thing in the park yesterday!  It really bummed me and the Boss out!

We were on our usual walk and there was this human with an older dog, that had obviously just become three legged, and a younger puppy that was full of energy and wanting to run and play.

The human was trying to go slow, to help out the older dog, but the puppy kept running into him and making him stumble and yelp!

The Boss almost went over to get a hold of that puppy!

The human would wave her arms and yell at the puppy to “get away” from him, which only made it worse, cause the puppy obviously adored the older dog and would go stand by him to get some direction as to what was going on and why she was in trouble.  Which in turn would hurt the older dog!

I thought the Boss’s head would explode!

If this human had done any research into dog behavior, she would have known that the puppy didn’t understand that she was hurting the older dog!  She just wanted to be with her pack mate and was confused by the woman’s anger at her.  She might have also found out, that maybe she shouldn’t take both of them on the walk at the same time.

She should have called my Boss and the folks at Acme Canine that could have shown her how to walk them both, comfortably.  Or how to understand what the puppy’s behavior was saying.

I know none of you would behave that way!

You already know how compassionate, caring and understanding the Boss is, but sometimes, we see humans who don’t know much about us dogs.  They try to make us fit into the world as they want it, and it confuses us!  We don’t understand that!  Just as the puppy didn’t understand why she couldn’t play with her new best friend!

Well, Boss didn’t say anything, but I did!! It was stressing Boss out too much and I just can’t have that!  So, I said something to the puppy about the whole thing.  She understood and calmed down a bit!  She felt really bad that she had hurt her buddy, but she just didn’t understand what her boss was so angry about, and she turned to her best friend for guidance. She said she would be calm until they got home and then she would have some fun in the yard.

Its just a shame that her boss hadn’t contacted Acme Canine.

And just a word or two to all you out there that come into these situations.

Say something.

Tell them to contact us so that we can help others understand dog behavior before it becomes harmful.

And tell them Spike sent ya.