3 quick steps to stop a dog from barking like crazy

How to stop a dog from barking like crazy (from a dog’s perspective)

By Guest Dog Blogger, Autumn

Being a pack animal, I prefer it when my owner is home with me. However, I understand he can’t always be here and has things he needs to do that don’t involve me. At first, it was hard for me to accept that he was gone, and I admit I took part in bad dog behavior. Yep, I barked every time he left the house. Lucky for me, my human took the time to help me learn how to accept our time apart and even enjoy it!

A Gradual Process

My owner decided to try leaving for shorter periods of time first. I got nervous, but when he came back in a short amount of time, often as little as 15 minutes, I learned to realize he was always going to come back for me. Now it doesn’t matter how long he is gone. I know he will be back eventually, and I can’t wait! But I don’t have to bark about it!

A Comfortable Place

I have my own special place in the house. They call it a crate, but I call it my home. Whenever my owner leaves me home alone, I go in my home and hang out until he comes home. This gives me a safe place to nap and chew on my toys or any treats my human may have left for me. I love spending time in my little home so much that I don’t mind being left alone anymore and don’t bark when he leaves me.

A Little Background Noise

One of the biggest reasons for my bad dog behavior was I felt lonely when my human left me. Once he started leaving a small radio on for me when he was gone, I started to feel a lot better and didn’t even think to bark. It doesn’t matter what the people on the radio are saying; I feel like someone is there with me, and that’s all that really matters.

Before my owner tried these tricks with me, I made a lot of noise when he left. Sometimes I admit I didn’t stop until he came home, which looking back, was pretty bad! Now that he has taken steps to make me more comfortable, life is much better for both of us!

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