Is a Vibrating Dog Collar the Best Choice for Your Pet?

If you’ve recently looked for solutions to your dog’s excessive barking, you’ve likely heard of vibrating dog collars. These collars are commonly touted as a humane alternative to collars that redirect unwanted behavior with shocks or noises, and many dog owners say they work, too.

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But how do vibrating dog collars actually work? And are they truly the best choice for your dog? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about vibrating dog collars to help you make the best decision for your pup.

How Do Vibrating Dog Collars Work?

Vibrating dog collars use the same principle as clickers to discourage negative behaviors. When your dog barks, the collar will vibrate to immediately provide feedback and help your dog understand that the behavior is unwanted.

Pairing a vibration collar with positive reinforcement training can be highly effective at encouraging your dog to behave. For example, if your dog starts barking and stops as a result of the vibration, you can mentally note to provide your dog with a treat the next time they decide not to bark at the doorbell.

Are Vibrating Dog Collars Better Than Shock Collars?

are vibrating dog collars better than shock collars

If you want to ensure that your dog is treated humanely, a vibration collar is a much gentler alternative to shock collars. Instead of using pain and fear to discourage bad behavior, vibrating dog collars redirect your dogs attention and encourage them to make the right choices.

In terms of effectiveness, the utility you’ll get from a vibrating dog collar varies. Depending on personality, this bark collar works with some dogs better than others. Their efficacy can also be affected by how well you train your dog outside of using the vibrating dog collar. Expert dog trainers generally agree that vibrating collars can be effective when used correctly.

Will Vibrating Dog Collars Hurt My Dog?

Unlike a shock collar, a vibrating dog collar is entirely painless. You can imagine the vibrating collar to be very similar to your smartphone. When your phone rings, it vibrates in your pocket — and that’s how it grabs your attention. 

Using a vibration collar makes it similarly easy to get your dog’s attention and direct it towards a desired activity. This is useful for training positive behaviors, but it’s also excellent for redirecting your dog away from negative behaviors (like getting distracted on a walk). 

Pros Of Using A Vibrating Dog Collar

dog wearing a vibrating dog collar
  • Vibrating dog collars can help you reinforce your dogs behavior at any time. Without the help of a vibrating dog collar, you can only guide your dog when you’re nearby and watch their behavior closely. With a vibrating dog collar, you can use your remote from a distance or even set it to vibrate whenever it hears your dog bark.
  • Deaf dogs are easily trained with vibrating dog collars. Generally, your options are much more limited when training deaf dogs — after all, they can’t hear clickers or your voice. You can use a vibrating dog collar to get your deaf dog’s attention exceptionally quickly.
  • Vibrating dog collars are extremely customizable. If you plan on using a vibrating collar with your dog, you don’t have to worry about it being too strong — most collars offer a wide range of vibration settings that will allow you to find the perfect match for your dog. You should start with the lowest setting and raise it until you can get your dog’s attention with the collar. 
  • This dog training collar is the most humane alternative to shock or noise collars. Vibrating dog collars rely on getting your dog’s attention with a gentle vibration. You can teach your dog to associate the vibration with a desired action with time. Shock and noise collars, meanwhile, rely on negative reinforcement through pain. 
  • Vibrating dog collars are excellent for use with puppies. It never hurts to start dog training early. Using a vibrating dog collar is a great way to start working with your puppy. Most models are easily adjusted to fit your puppy’s neck and to produce suitably gentle vibrations. 

Cons Of Using A Vibrating Dog Collar

  • The effectiveness of vibrating dog collars varies. You’ll find that the most significant factors impacting the effectiveness of vibrating dog collars are your dog’s personality and training skills. Some dogs simply won’t acknowledge the vibrations. Likewise, if you use the vibrating collar poorly, you might make little to no progress with your dog.
  • Some dogs are afraid of vibrating dog collars. If you’re considering using a vibrating dog collar to train your dog, all you can do is try to use it and pay attention to how your dog responds. If your dog seems scared of the collar, you can attempt to desensitize them by allowing them to watch it vibrate on the ground. 
  • Vibrating dog collars are less effective with dogs with thick fur. You can consider keeping your dog’s coat trimmed if you want to make the collar more effective. If you’re not interested in trimming your dog’s fur, you should consider turning the vibration setting higher or using another collar.
  • You will need to remove the vibrating collar often. Removing the collar is generally advised when you’re not dog training. You should at least remove the collar overnight. Aside from allowing you to charge the collar, this downtime will also ensure that your dogs neck doesn’t become irritated. 
  • The quality of vibrating dog collars varies. You should research online to find a durable model. The quality of the electronic components and the collar itself are both important. When in doubt, you should read reviews to determine whether a particular vibrating dog collar is worth purchasing.

Is a Vibrating Dollar Collar the Best Choice For My Pet?

Many dog experts tout vibrating collars as a humane alternative to shock collars. While there are varying opinions out there in terms of their level of effectiveness, there can be no denying that many dog owners have had incredible success with this type of collar. 

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