Is the Weather Capable of Affecting Your Dog’s Mood?

Does your dog exhibit sudden mood changes? This article tries to capture the key nuances of certain interactions of weather with your dog’s mood.

Does your dog exhibit sudden mood changes? At one instant, they are very joyous and playful, and in the next one, they may cower in the washroom. You may not find a reason for the change, apparently. Suddenly you see a change of weather. How did your pet sense that?

Experts opine that your canine friends have a better chance of detecting the barometric pressure change than humans. Dogs have superior hearing abilities vis-a-vis human beings. They can sense an incoming calamity from miles away.

Is there any other impact of weather on the pet’s overall behavior? This article tries to capture the key nuances of certain interactions of nature with your pet’s mood.

Dogs in Hot Weather

The rise in mercury levels often results in decreased levels of activity of your furry friend. Their appetite can also see a dip. The primary reason being their body can start to heat rapidly when they exercise a lot on hot days.  

For example, if you live in Jerusalem, where the summers are clear, arid, and long, it can be a challenging time for your pets. If you check the weather in Jerusalem online, you will find the period from April to October to be warm to hot. 

Under such circumstances, your dog can start panting to cool themselves off. You can see them indulging more in the water activities to disperse their body heat. You can be mindful that too much body heating can even lead to fatal conditions like heatstroke.

 The French bulldogs, King Charles spaniels, or Shih Tzus, find it very difficult to cool off their body quickly. These dogs belong to the flat-faced or Brachycephalic category. Precautions during such weather conditions are a must for short snout dogs.  

Another major aspect worth mentioning is checking the paws while taking your dog for a walk during hot summers. Due to the scorching heat, the streets, sand, or sidewalks can be difficult for them to walk on.

Dogs in Thunderstorms

Data suggest around fifteen to thirty percent of the pets are scared of thunderstorms. You can see changing symptoms when a summer storm approaches. Your pets can start to pant, whine in fear, or pace uncontrollably under such conditions. 

It is also common for the fearful dogs in the US to associate thunderstorms on sultry and hot nights with the fourth of July celebrations. There is an increased resistance among the dogs to go outside for their business when a storm approaches. 

 Pet parents often choose to use anxiety shirts or vests, which helps their pets deal with thunderstorm fears. Such shirts by design have a feature that can help to calm down the dog’s nervous system by applying a gentle hug at all times. People also use medications and oil to soothe the nerves of their pets too.

Dogs in Snow

In most cases, dogs find the season of snow to be particularly amusing. During these times, they often go sledding with their parents or play outside more. The pets that have a thick and heavy coat enjoy the snow more. They show signs of being peppy when you take them for a walk in the snow.

The dogs that have short hairs resist going outside when the ground has snow. If you also have such dogs at home, you can choose to help them with warm clothes. The paws need special attention too. Once you get back from the walk, you can help them with a good rub down to remove any snow from the fur.

Dogs in Winter

Data suggests similar to human beings pets, also get affected by seasonal affective disorder. The conditions are often triggered by gloomy weather and shortened days of the winter. Pet parents, whose pets undergo such a condition, cite their pets to sleep more and be less active during the winter months.

While it is not possible to eradicate all weather-induced mood swings, you can minimize them if you take proper steps. You can opt to use an anxiety vest to control the fear of thunderstorms. When your pet faces harsh winters and a need to step outside arises, keep a towel by the door, to remove the snow on their body.

Therefore if you are more cautious and take the appropriate countermeasures for your pets, you can help them with all comfort possible in any season. Being aware of the forecasted weather conditions can help prep your pet accordingly to brace for any change.

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