Is there Acupuncture for Canine Car Sickness?

Did you know that acupuncture can assist with car sickness in dogs?

Simple questions always bring forth more questions of my own (how old is the dog, how far into the trip do the signs of nausea present, has the dog had a history of car-sickness or is this a new reaction, how much time elapsed between the dog’s meal and the car ride, etc).  But going on this question…

Yes, the wrist point (PC6 or pericardium 6) is great for nausea and seasickness for both people and dogs!  On the dog, the point is located by flexing the forepaw back toward the lower portion of the foreleg(antebrachium) and finding the midpoint of the crease made by this flexion on the back of the carpus.  Direct pressure with a fingertip for 60-90 seconds at a time, several times prior to travel should help.

Another treatment is powdered ginger taken orally along with meals for a few days prior to departure (and without food 1-2 hours prior to departure) is also good for nausea – and if it doesn’t work, at least the ginger doesn’t smell too bad when it comes back up in your car!

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