Is your Dog one in a million?

Acme Canine is looking for responsible dog owners who have trained their dogs with Acme Canine. 

Interested? To enter send a digital photo of your dog, the training and services your dog has participated in as well as a paragraph on your Acme Canine experience.  To help you with this request, the following questions may help:

• What would you say is unique about Acme Canine, our services or our way of doing business?

• In what way did we add value to the service for which Acme Canine was engaged?

What would you say best describes your situation before working with Acme Canine?

• What would you say were your biggest concerns before working with our team?

• What would you say have been the greatest improvements to your canine relationship?

The dog with the most positive comments received either by email to or  “Like”  to cast to your dog’s photo, the better the chances are for your dog to be dog of the month!  So share the photos and encourage others to visit the  Dog of the Month Nominees album on Woofie’s Facebook.

Here’s what you’ll win:  Winners will be featured in Acme Canine’s The Bark. The Dog of the Month will receive a free bath and nail trim. Their owner will receive an Acme Canine t-shirt or hat

Good luck!