It’s Really More About Dog Owner Training Than Dog Training

By Spike, Dog Blogger

Spike here.  Today I thought I’d talk about who’s really needs to be trained.

Whether your dog is a stubborn, droopy-faced but loving Basset Hound; or an eager to learn, pointy-eared  Shelty, all dogs can be taught. Strangely enough, it’s usually the owner that’s the problem.

Us dogs love you unconditionally and just like humans, we all have individualized behavior patterns that can present challenges. But, it’s up to our owners to make sure that whatever dog training routine we are taking part in, works.

Potty training is only going to work if our owner is going to actually get outside and walk us where we are supposed to go and teach us where to do our business.   Proper potty training techniques include a complete home schedule of feeding, drinking, and going outside when appropriate.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s all about the owner sticking to a routine than it is about the dog.   I’m more than willing to follow through on what my owner asks me to do, whether it involves walking on the leash, playing, or certainly eating and drinking. In fact, I will most likely do anything that involves human interaction with my owner as long as I believe he knows what he’s doing.

The problem is that owners find it difficult to properly train us.   Dogs aren’t going to train themselves, but if  you do find the time to do so, most likely your dog will be all too happy to participate and reward you later by being a very well-trained and proudly obedient, happy dog.


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