Jinx Dog Food

Dog food that has been brought to modern-day standards of quality and lifestyle–that’s Jinx dog food

When you think about commercial dog food being around since 1860 when James Spratt created a high-cost biscuit of wheat, vegetables, beetroot, and prairie meat, and the tremendous changes in the lifestyle of our 21st-century dogs, you can understand why dog owners need to re-evaluate what they are feeding their dogs.

When Acme Canine was asked to review Jinx brand dog food for the modern dog,  we took on the challenge.

We had never heard of this dog food but were intrigued by the company’s philosophy of creating a clean, balanced nutritional dog food that meets the modern dog’s diverse needs.

Our canine tester was Bernie, the flat-coated retriever, who volunteered to try it and share his opinion.

Jinx offers premium dog food with fast, free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is Jinx

Today dogs spend about 80% of the day sleeping or lounging and about 4 ½ hours being active.

With this new lifestyle comes the need for dog food that is highly digestible and provides the nutrients to keep these dogs healthy.

Jinx is a new kibble dog food developed by pet nutritionists, veterinarians, and food safety experts.  Together they created a dog food to match our modern dog’s physiology and lifestyle.


This new type of dog food has high-quality proteins (60% animal source & 40% superfoods), prebiotics,  probiotics, Taurine, and Biotin, so the outcome is a highly digestible dog food that promotes strong bones and teeth, maintains muscle, boosts immunity, and allows for vitamin absorption.

After looking at the ingredients and guaranteed analysis, it is clear that Jinx utilizes more quality ingredients than your average supermarket dog food. There are no fillers like corn, wheat, or soy, and the diet is free from animal by-products.

Additionally, the amount of protein and fat makes this food a good choice for most companion animals.

Here are some additional beneficial takeaways from this diet:

  • The first two ingredients are meat and then a meat meal.
  • It contains 28% protein, slightly higher than average.
  • It contains low-allergen grains like rice.
  • There are no red-flag ingredients.


Jinx brand comes in chicken and salmon flavors that include grain-free and grain-friendly recipes. This line is more limited than many brands. Still, it consists of a wide variety of options to allow owners to rotate regularly or find the right ingredient combination for their dog’s needs.

Jinx not only meets AAFCO minimum standards, but it also exceeds them (by both formulation and by analysis of the finished product)’ providing you with very high-quality nutritional dog food.

The company also has rigorous product development and testing processes to ensure Jinx is producing premium dog food. They are committed to continually investing in new technology and ongoing research to drive improvement.

Salmon, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato

This is Jinx’s best-selling recipe.  It is packed with lean, supercharged meat- and plant-based proteins paired with 20+ functional superfoods.

  • Fresh Salmon is the #1 ingredient
  • Sweet Potato for eye and vision health
  • Brown Rice for sustained energy
  • Patented Probiotics for digestion
  • Grain-friendly for a balanced diet

Chicken, Sweet Potato, Egg

This grain-free recipe includes an impressive medley of purposeful ingredients.

  • Organic Chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Sweet Potato for eye and vision health
  • Eggs to assist the metabolism
  • Patented Probiotics for digestion
  • Grain-free for allergy sensitivities

Chicken, Brown Rice, Avocado

This recipe is designed with a gourmet combination of purposeful ingredients and, yes, avocado, which happens to be very good for dogs as long as you don’t feed them the pit or the skin.

  • Organic Chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Avocado for healthy skin and coats
  • Brown Rice for sustained energy
  • Patented Probiotics for digestion
  • Grain-friendly for a balanced diet

Acme Canine chose Salmon, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, and grain-free Chicken, Sweet Potato, Egg for our review.  Bernie loved both.

Cost Comparison

Jinx dog food comes in three sizes: 4 lb., 10 lb., and 20 lb. bags.

Prices range from $25 to $75 depending on the bag’s size, with the 20 lb. bag costing $3.75/lb. And the 4 lb. bag costs $6.25/lb.

Jinx subscription

If you sign up for a subscription to dog kibble, you’ll save 10% off your order. Dog treats and Dog Sauce cannot be subscribed to on their own but can easily be added to your dog kibble subscription for 10% off all items in your shipment.

The subscription is flexible.  You can skip a delivery if you’re all stocked up, and if needed, you can cancel anytime from your account page.

Shipping is free (mostly)

Jinx ships to all 50 states. All orders are free and shipped via UPS Ground for the contiguous United States. Once processed, orders typically take 2-4 business days in transit, depending on your distance from our warehouse in Indianapolis, IN.

They charge a flat $20 fee for shipping via UPS 2-Day Air for Alaska and Hawaii customers. In a rush, they also offer expedited 1-2 business day shipping for a flat $20 rate.

Use code AcmeCanine to receive 40% off Kibble subscriptions and 10% off sitewide!

Satisfaction guarantee

Jinx believes so much in their product, they have a guarantee, “Your dog’s happiness is our top priority, and we stand by a bamboozle-free satisfaction guarantee. We’ve worked with the best formulators, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers to create high-quality food. If your dog has a bone to pick with us because they’re not satisfied, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Give us a bark at support@thinkjinx.com“.

What Acme Canine learned about Jinx

The first thing we noticed when we opened the bag was the smell.  It was a wonderful mixture of herbs and meat flavors.

Bernie can attest that it tasted as good as it smelled. He usually is a little finicky at dinner time and will wait to see what the other dogs eat before eating his meal.  Not with Jinx.  Bernie chowed down his meal immediately without care.

Even though Jinx recommends mixing Jinx kibble gradually, increasing the amount over two weeks, Bernie started right in with 100% Jinx.  We monitored his stools since they are an important indicator of food quality and how dogs respond to them.

Bernie’s stools stayed most well-formed and sticky, ideal (another plus for Jinx dog food).

As far as negatives on the product, we really couldn’t find any.

This company did their homework and came up with a great product that should be considered when selecting your dog’s food.

Acme Canine gives Jinx dog food  4 out of  4 paws up for the product’s quality, ease of ordering, company integrity, and bringing dog food to the modern age.  We think you will enjoy it too!

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