Just How Many Words Will Your Puppy Learn?

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Man’s best friend, yes, indeed. Your “go to” source when you want your secrets kept, a source of encouragement, a workout buddy. No matter how big or how small we four-legged companions are, we’re usually the ones giving and giving. Yeah, we’re pretty incredible. On the other hand, have you ever asked yourself, “just how many words does my dog know?” Or if you have a new addition to the family, how many words will your puppy eventually learn?

You usually expect our puppies to learn “sit,” “stay,” “fetch” at some point. However, some researchers have said that if you have patience and motivation then you could teach him more than a 1500 different words! Wow! That’s pretty amazing since a one year old human knows the same amount or less.

We canine buddies pick up on a lot of visual indicators in conjunction with the verbal communication. Say every day at 7A.M. you take me out for your daily 3 mile walk. My primal internal clock tells me that it’s time for that walk. However, you are still sitting there on the couch with your feet up, sipping on your coffee. When you get up, I’m going to lift my head to see what your next move is. Your hand reaches for the jacket hanging next to the door, and BANG!, I’m on you. “Wanna go for a walk,” you ask. This phrase I know well and without hesitation we’re out the door.

Is your furry friend really understanding the words you’re speaking, or are we merely picking up on the tone in your voice? Although dogs don’t understand the human language as a toddler may, we do associate words with tones and sounds of voice. If you tell your dog “no” in a sweet-as-pie tone, they aren’t going to get the sense of this word, unless this is how you have always told them no.  Pretty cool, huh.

Do you find yourself having to tell your canine friend “no” on a regular basis? Do you think your new puppy is a little slow picking up the words he should? If this is the case please contact Acme Canine, and they can help to expand your furry friend’s vocabulary.

That’s all for now.  I just heard my owner open the food pantry (my cue to eat).

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