How to Keep Your Dogs Interested With the Training

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By Guest Blogger, Abigail Jones

The most rewarding part of being a dog owner is training your dog successfully. Training provides an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog and establish a good relationship with him or her. Young or old, big or small, it is important that you train your dog and help him learn at least a few basic commands.

Here are key tips on how to train your dog faster and better while keeping him interested in the training.

  1. Pick a name for your dog and be sure to address him/her using that name.

You’ll want to name your dog with a short name that ends with a strong consonant so your dog will be able to hear it clearly everytime you call them.

  • Names that end with a strong consonant such as Ginger, Jasper, Jack, etc., can perk up a puppy’s ears, especially if you put a strong emphasis at the end of their names when calling them.
  • If you got your dog when he was already an adult, you can try to change his/her name to something new. Dogs are incredibly adaptable, and they will soon respond to a new name if you use it to call them consistently.

 Give your dog a room of his own.

Every dog needs a room to his own. As much as possible, give your puppy his own sleeping place where he can keep quiet and be relaxed. Also, giving a dog his own private sleeping place as early as you can is a lot of help in house training.

 Teach your dog to come when called.

The first and most important command that you want to teach your dog is to come to you when called. Calling your dog, and having him come to you, means that you have his respect.

  • To teach your dog to come to you when called, you must first get on his level and tell him to come using his name.
  • If he doesn’t come when you call his name, maybe it’s time to use some kind of positive reinforcement in which he will respond to you when you call out his name.
  • If your dog comes to you every time you call out his name, try to call him when his attention is not on you or if he is distracted by something, to see if he really responds to your command.

Teaching your dog to come to you can make things easier for you to train him. You’ll be able to make him do what you want quickly once you perfect this command.

 Always train your dog during “dog time.”

Dogs tend to live in the moment. They often forget about things they’ve just done for a few minutes. One minute they’re doing something really interesting, and two minutes later they’ve already forgotten.

  • If you see your dog doing something bad, be sure to use that very moment to incorporate your training technique so your dog will have a chance to make the connection between behavior and correction.
  • Once you start teaching your dog, make sure to repeat the training consistently so you can reinforce what he learned.

 Train your dog away from distractions.

You can’t train your dog properly if something other than you is getting his attention. This is the reason why you must train your dog, preferably, in a quiet room, especially if you are teaching him some new tricks.

  • Train your dog in a place or part of your house where there is no distraction or anything that could keep his attention off of you.
  • When training your dog, break up the sessions into short but regular sessions so your dog is not overwhelmed with new commands or tricks.

 Be patient.

You can’t just train your dog overnight and expect him to perform the tricks and commands you taught him the following morning. You must be very patient when training your dog.

  • Dog training requires a lot of time and effort before you can successfully train your pet.
  • Dogs are just like humans; they may not learn something right away. The key here is to keep training your dog regularly so you’ll be able to reinforce what he’s learned.

How to Keep Your Dogs Interested With the Training

You can train your dog as much as you want but you want to make sure that you reward your dog every single time.

  • Reward your dog every time he behaves appropriately. Dogs love to receive rewards from their masters. You can give him some treats, toys, love, or a ton of praise for his good behavior.
  • Always let your dog know when he’s doing something right so he’ll be encouraged to do it again.
  • Find out what your dog likes and what his favorite things to do are. You can use this as a reward for your dog every time he does something right.
  • The better the reward you give to your dog, the more interested he will become in the training.

Training your dog properly can make your home a happy and pleasant place. Dog training, for instance, also helps them become happier because they know they are able to please you and because they also want to keep on receiving those delicious rewards. Your family can also become happier because your dog is more manageable and is a source of joy for the family.


Abigail Jones

 Abigail Jones is a writer contributing for Find Your Inner Dog Training. Her passion for writing allows her to make sure she always offers creative and unique angles to her readers. She enjoys walking her dogs Sophie and Magpie whenever she has free time.

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