Muddy Paws and Smelly Coats: How to Keep Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home

By Guest Author,

Welcome to autumn and winter! And welcome to the time of muddy paws, tracked-in dirt, and often smelly dog coats.

In fact, no matter where you live, if you have a dog you’re likely having to adjust what you do with them and how much dirt you manage as they go from inside to outside and back again. And of course, even when spring and summer roll around you can’t get rid of that grime—you just have different weather-related challenges with your four-legged pet. So what can you do to save your (cleaning) sanity and still remain best friends with your furry housemate?

For starters, you have to equip your entry differently if you have a dog; that includes mats and other floor protectors to grab as much moisture and dirt as you can before they enter the house, as well as handy tools to help you clean paws, too. What other strategies work?

This graphic at Petco helps you discover them.

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