Keeping your Dog Eating Healthy During the Holiday Season

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Especially around the holidays, it’s easy to get off track and start feeding pups human food, which is not beneficial for them.

By Guest Blogger, Adam Reeve

It’s hard for everyone to follow through with strict diets during the holidays, given all the treats available. It also rings true for dogs, and this is why you should strive to keep them feeding only on dog food.

Which dog food is healthiest? Around the holiday season, you should have this crucial information. It’s easy to get off track and start feeding pups human food, which is not beneficial for them. By only getting the healthiest dog food, you can all enjoy the holidays without compromising on health. 

You might wonder why human food is not suitable for dogs. For one, it contains certain ingredients that are not suitable for them. Most notably is onion and spices. While you might enjoy having plenty of them in your meals, avoid feeding such meals to your fluffy friend. 

For the pups to enjoy the holidays, you can opt for baked dog food. Not all puppy food comes in a bag. You have the chance also to bake your pup some tasty treats. 

No Table Scraps for Dogs

While everyone is in holiday spirits, mutts can also feel the merry in the air. It gets tempting to feed them table scraps, but this is not okay. Always get dog food high in protein and feеd your fluffy friend before you start eating. 

Table scraps add no nutritional value to their health, and it’s best to keep them on a regular pup food schedule. Also, pups can get ill from eating table scraps as it messes with their system. 

Admittedly, it’s not easy to keep an eye on your puppy while you have company around. Therefore, ensure you clear all the table scraps and dispose of them where the dogs can’t reach them.

You might wonder what the benefits the dogs get with a strict diet. 

Benefits of a Strict Dog Food Diet

It’s not fair to turn to a dog food elimination diet during the holidays, which harms them more. The diet must be followed almost all the time. Dog food comes packed with nutrients and vitamins that they need to remain healthy. Also, a strict pooch food diet helps prevent packing on unnecessary weight during winter. 

Winter months mean less physical activity outside, and a pup can gain a lot of weight if feeding is not strict. By regulating feeding time and only pup food, they can remain healthy. 

Additionally, always keep dog food natural and don’t add anything. When you get natural brands, avoid topping off with other treats containing preservatives. Human food added to dog food only results in health issues for your fluffy friend and has no benefits. 

Last Point

As tempting as it is to stray from a strict dog food diet during the holidays, it’s best to stay the course. Human food isn’t ideal for pups, and it’s best to bake them dog-friendly treats. 

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