Key Tips To Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety

It’s difficult for any pet parent to watch their beloved pet in anxiety. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to help ease these feelings for them.

If you’ve previously been anxious, you should know that this is an entirely same experience with your pets. The only difference is that human beings can verbalize their feelings while animals can’t. Meaning, the negative feelings you have relating to anxiety are feelings that your pets go through. These feelings include distress, sadness, loss of appetite, and others.

It’s difficult for any pet parent to watch their beloved pet in anxiety. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to help ease these feelings for them.

Some of these remedies include:

Give Your Pet Some Treats

Your pets need spoiling once in a while. Especially when you notice that your pet has been in distress, giving them treats uplifts their mood. It works the same way as human beings do. To make things even better, there are now numerous treats designed to ease pets’ anxiety.

One of the in-demand treats of today is those containing cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a component of marijuana that isn’t psychoactive. It has been processed further, such that it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of marijuana without the feeling of getting high. Human beings are now beginning to love these treats, and surely your pet will, too.

A CBD treat helps different conditions of pets like the following:

  • Sleeping problems or insomnia
  • Cancer pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relief from anxiety

Study Your Routine

Pets are creatures of habit. They know when to eat, bathe, go out for a walk, and even when you’ll leave for work and come home. Any single change in their routine can cause them distress. If there’s been any change in your routine lately, this may be the reason why your pet becomes anxious.

Have you been coming home late unusually? Have you forgotten the feeding time of your pet? Re-examine your routine and check for loopholes. With a simple step like this, you might create a great start with improving your pet’s behavior.

 Play Music

 Playing music helps, too. If it can soothe you, there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for your pet. If you browse through the Internet, you’ll find numerous music options that are built to soothe and satisfy the anxiety of specific types of pets. Playing music, for instance, can help your pets sleep better when you’re away.

Touch And Massage

Pets love warm hugs. Just like humans, when they’re in distress, a big warm hug is enough to make them feel loved. It’s one of the best ways to calm them during episodes of aggression due to anxiety.

When your days get busy, you may fail to give attention to your pets. When they’re used to having so much attention from you, this can also be a big adjustment for them.

From time to time or when you get home after a long day of being away, please give them the biggest hugs they can receive.

Take Them Out

Pets like to exercise and have some time out to breathe fresh air. Especially if you live in a building or a place with a garden, you’ve got to take your pets once in a while. They love the feeling of sand and grass on their feet. You can also bring your pet with you on your next camping trip.

Anxiety can result in uncontrollable energy for pets. They need an avenue for them to unleash and let out all this energy. Thus, the need to take them out once in a while.

Seek Professional Help

 When you’ve tried to do all that you can, and it still doesn’t seem to work, there’s always the vet that you can run to. It can do you no wrong to seek the advice of a pet medical professional. They might be able to identify problem areas with your pet that you can’t. They can also give you pieces of advice to help manage the distress of your pet.

Check Your Own Emotional State

 When you’re stressed, your pets get anxious as well. Often, when human beings are under a lot of pressure, the tendency is also to lash out these emotions on your pets, especially if you live alone with your pets.

Animals are swift to pick up on changes in emotion. When you’re down and anxious, give yourself time to breathe, too. Walk and clear your mind before getting home. You may start to see a positive change also in your animal’s behavior.


 Caring for an anxious pet is no easy task. But, when you love your pets so much, their pain is your pain, too. It’ll always be your goal to want to relieve them of all the stress that they’ve been going through.

With the help of your trusted veterinarian and these tips, you can be one step closer to easing your pet of the troubles that it’s facing.

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