A great investment for any dog owner is a leather leash.    Purchasing a high quality leash will insure an incredibly long life, especially the ones that are braided back at handle and clip, no stitching. Leather leashes are more durable as well as thicker to give a better correction.  They don’t dig into your hands and they also help with a strong puller so the leash will not slip through your hands and give you a burn…you can hold on to them

The only downfall to a leather leash is if someone does not take proper care of them…they can crack if they aren’t conditioned every so often.  Also, if they aren’t water proof they can leave brown stuff on your hands (just like leather shoes do when you sweat) and, if colored, they tend to stain peoples hands.

Acme Canine sells only harness quality leather leashes, vary from 1/4″ to 5/8″ in width and 5′ or 6′ in length.  Being a training center we can sell them for much less than most of the larger pet stores in the area.

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