Love your Pet Day 2014

Dogs love us unconditionally, but what do we do in return? Many times we sabotage their very existence through overindulgence and humanization. Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs. I admire how they communicate with one another through body language and I’m in awe of their ability to understand us and our language.

Dogs are amazing animals. They seem to have a sixth sense. They can smell disease as well as emotions. They provide us with companionship, assist us in our work, and replace our bodies when we are disabled. It’s no wonder we respond to them the way we do, but they really deserve our respect.

With respect, we can provide a loving environment with clear boundaries and rules for our dogs. We can teach them to be well mannered so they can enjoy going places with us and participating in our activities. We can give them proper exercise and nutrition. And in return our dogs will see us as good leaders, as people they can trust and obey.

Dogs lose confidence when given too much attention and pampering—they are different than us in this way. By learning about dogs’ personalities and behaviors, we can love our dogs while providing the environment they need to thrive. In exchange, we will establish a close bond and have a very rewarding relationship with our dogs.

This Love your Pet Day blog was inspired by Personal Creations and the Pampered Pups Project.