Major Dog Clothing Launch All-New Canine Eco Puffer Jacket On Kickstarter

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Every dog owner wants their pet to look its best, and since 2020, Major Dog Clothing has been providing stunning dog apparel for owners across the globe.

Now, the innovative brand is excited to be launching an all-new ECO puffer jacket for pooches. The stylish jacket is made from 100% recycled fabrics and will be launched this November exclusively through Kickstarter.

Sustainability in dog clothing

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, with industries across the globe working to reduce the impact they are having on the environment.  Sustainability has never been more important for the fashion industry, with brands working with cotton farmers and material manufacturers to reduce plastic waste, lower air pollution, and stop water pollution.

For Major Dog Clothing, sustainability is of the utmost importance. The forward-thinking brand has always been conscious of its impact on the environment, eager to create a better and healthier planet for everyone. In 2021 major Dog Clothing started this journey by launching their first Australian-made and designed collection of canine apparel to support local jobs and transparent manufacturing.

Now, the brand will launch its first-ever ECO puffer jacket range. This new collection helps take Major Dog Clothing’s commitment to sustainability even further, being the first product line made from 100% recycled fabrics.

The stylish design ensures each dog will look fantastic, while the durable recycled nylon outer shell and polyester inner help keep your dog comfortable and warm. This new ECO range is supported further, with all the Major Dog Clothing swing tags and postage bags being fully recyclable.

Milla was the inspiration behind the new ECO range, with Major Dog Clothing committed to providing a brighter and more sustainable future for the next generation. The exciting new collection will be launched exclusively through Kickstarter this coming November, with interested pet owners able to register their interest now

Speaking ahead of the launch, Adam Wilkinson, Founder of Major Dog Clothing, added, “We are excited to be launching our new ECO range of dog puffer jackets. Since our launch last year, we have been committed to creating sustainable and stylish clothing that owners and pets can enjoy.

About the company

Major Dog Clothing is a unique online fashion designer offering dog owners and their pets the latest urban dog apparel. From coats and puffers to hoodies, collars, and harnesses, the young firm provides a vast array of styles and designs for owners to choose from.

Fashion industry executive Adam Wilkinson established the Australian-based brand. With years of experience in the industry, Adam knew the importance of premium design and high-quality products, an ethos he incorporates into everything that Major Dog Clothing produces. His ambition when establishing the brand was to give his eleven-year-old daughter, Milla, a platform for her creativity. The clothing brand also provides Adam with the chance to teach his daughter vital digital skills while supporting her love of animals.

This new range takes our commitment even further, with our first collection made entirely from recycled materials. Our Kickstarter launches this November, and we have lots of plans to develop this even further in the future.”

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