Making the Final Call

Hi Spike here,

I have the best friend in the world, Woofie.  I’ve know him all my life and he’s been there for me through thick and thin.

Well, Woofie’s getting old (he’s 11 years old now) and some days he doesn’t do as well as others.  Our owner, Laura, gets sad  thinking about the day Woofie may not be in this world with us and to tell you the truth, sometimes I get a little misty-eyed thinking I might not have the big guy to sleep next to at night.

Right now Woofie moves slower and has some bad days, but his quality of life is pretty high.  Laura knows this because of a great scale created by Dr. Alice Vilalobos of Pawspice Care.  She’s a veterinary oncologist who cares alot about cats and dogs and wants owners to be comfortable assessing their pet’s quality of life.

I’ve attached her Quality of Life Scale chart along with the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance guide to planning ahead a tribute to your pet’s life.  A Guide to Planning Ahead  Quality of Life Scale


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