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From Digital, To Traditional: All of the Dog Training Business Advising & Marketing Consulting You’ll Ever Need

“Starting your very own dog training business is an exciting time! I remember the early stages of my career – waking up with the motivation to do my best every day and going to bed with a head full of inspiration. But I also remember the insecurities and unanswered questions I had. There were so many things I didn’t know and lessons I had to learn along the way through trial and error, success and failure.”  Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

For that reason, Acme Canine now offers a full catalog of Dog Training Business Advising Services – everything from digital marketing consulting, to training techniques and approaches to various types of clients, to building your business infrastructure.

Are you ready to start your new venture with your best paws forward?


Continued Client Engagement: The Key to Return Clients & A Windfall of Referrals

“Keeping clients engaged was the cornerstone of my success! Not only does this create repeat customers, but those happy clients and their well-trained pups become walking, talking (and barking) brand ambassadors for your business. But how much follow-up is too much? How long should you go between contacts? ”  Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

Acme Canine will help you find that sweet spot based on your services, team, and capacity.

Content Marketing, Blog Writing & Social Media Training

“A strong social media presence and a consistent blog writing routine have always helped me thrive. But what platforms should you use and how often should you post? What sort of topics should you hit on with your blog? How much should you give away for “free?”  Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

Part of that continued engagement lives within the world of words and pictures. After all, people really like puppy pics and everyday dog training tips! When you provide your following with value, they will return the favor with additional business and exposure to new potential clients.

Acme Canine can help you find that balance based on your own experience and expertise!


The Lost Art of E-Newsletters

“For years, I published a popular newsletter called The Bark. Yes, this digital publication was designed to keep past clients engaged with Acme Canine, but it was also designed to entertain and inform. While many of these “marketing emails” end up in the trash can, I can help you design yours to be something readers look forward to on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis!”  Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

Acme Canine can help you pick a platform, format a few newsletters and find new ways to get more folks on your subscriber list.


Online Sales & Take Home Resources for Dog Owners

“Nobody likes homework – except for dog owners! The best part? When marketed correctly, clients will pay for these additional resources.” Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

Acme Canine can show you which resources help bolster common training techniques and improve the efficacy of dog training programs while demonstrating proper ways of offering these hard copy and digital resources to appear less “salesly.”

Part of the Community: Local Outreach & Review Generation for Greater Exposure

“As a dog trainer, pup owners trust you with their best friend and beloved family member. However, you need to get the word out to get those first few furry friends through the door! I’ve networked with journalists, local businesses and dog product vendors to create a system of continued support throughout my career. Why? Because when you partner with a strong brand with prestige in the community, your standing improves! I can help you get your feelers out to local fixtures and established organizations to boost your brand.”  Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

Reputation management is huge for dog trainers. Having 100 5-star reviews is great, but a few 1-star blemishes could severely damage your budding company. Acme Canine can help you create a review generation/outreach system to help boost your reputation, establish a system for handling problematic customers and use client input to improve your approach every day.

Plan for the Future: Strategizing & Building for a Long-Term, Prosperous Future

“You don’t run a business for more than 15 years without having a firm foundation and an infrastructure that allows you to grow! I’ll give you all the insights I have acquired throughout my tenure to help you with the following:

  • Pricing Structures
  • Growth Planning
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Regulations & Standards
  • Technology & Capabilities
  • And A Bunch Of Stuff You Never Would Have Thought Of!” Laura Pakis, owner and founder of Acme Canine

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