Max & Milow Pet Portraits

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The bond you have with your pet provides them a happy life. Now here’s a company that offers you happiness by having your pet as art.

Just like many ancient Egyptians had a spiritual and respectful association with their dogs, today’s dog owners genuinely love their pets and enjoy them being a part of our life. It is fairly typical for us to take photos of and with our pets. We even take pictures with our friends’ pets, our family members’ pets, basically any adorable animals we meet. It is also commonplace to display our pets’ photos in our homes and share them on our social media accounts.

So when the pet portrait company, Max & Milow, offered us the opportunity to have a portrait of our pet as a piece of art, well, we couldn’t refuse.

The Process

The portraits range from $29.95 for a digital edition to $149.95 for an 18 x 24 multiple pet portrait with a frame.  The process is simple: Select your product and then choose the print type. After selecting the product you want to print, choose your portrait’s background, font, and size. Don’t forget to write the name of your pet!  The next step is uploading a photo with great lighting of your pet that has your dog facing the camera at eye level and its face and neck clearly visible.  And then pay and order.

We sent in this photo of Chester, but two days later, when we received an email with a proof of his portrait, it just didn’t look like him.

We let the folks at Max & Milow know about this.  They asked for a few of Chester’s photos to create a portrait that resembled him the most.  Two days later, we received this proof.

Once we saw Chester on the proof, we knew it was perfect, so we gave our approval for the portrait to be created.

A week later, ‘Chester’ arrived in a cardboard box, ready for hanging.

The Results

The quality of the work performed at Max & Milow is amazing.  From their support staff to the finished design and materials used.

I need to mention there are other options if a wall portrait isn’t what you’re looking for.  You can choose items such as a pillow, mug, or phone case.

At Max & Milow, they truly celebrate the bond between people and pets by offering tastefully designed pet portraits. I hope this review has given you some insight into who they are and what they care about.  Use Code Love2021 for 15% off! Order before Feb 8th to Receive by V-day! 🐶 

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