Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Bed for Your Dog

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Dogs sleep for 12-14 hours each day. Dogs spend a little more than half of their lives in dog beds during their short life span than humans!

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors impacting your dog’s health and well-being. Dogs sleep for 12-14 hours each day. They sleep for about 8 hours at night when you’re asleep and sleep some more during the day when you’re away. Dogs spend a little more than half of their lives in dog beds during their short life span compared to humans!

When they don’t get a comfortable bed, their quality of sleep will be compromised. A sound good night’s sleep lets the dog recharge, repair, and grow. Not being able to sleep may take a heavy toll on your pup. If your dog cannot sleep well, you need to ensure that your dog’s bed is comfortable.

What Are the Mistakes Pet Parents Make When getting a Dog Bed?

There are myriad dog beds available on the market to choose from. If you don’t know what to look for in a dog bed, you may make a bad choice. You don’t have to do research that goes into inventing new things. But what makes it difficult sometimes is the number of options and types primarily available.

Let’s see what mistakes to avoid when choosing a dog bed.

You Don’t Choose the Right Size.

Imagine your head or a limb hanging out of your bed because it’s too small. When you lay on the bed, you can squeeze yourself to fit in the bed, but as soon as you’re snoring, you don’t have control and wake up because it’s too uncomfortable having some part of your body hanging out.

This can happen with dogs too. When it’s too small, your dog’s sleep will be interrupted by the discomfort caused by the bed’s small size. So when you buy a dog bed, don’t underestimate the importance of this factor.

Many pet parents choose a bed that’s easy on their budget looks fancy and fits in the spot dedicated to sleeping while ignoring the size!

Moreover, if your dog is still in his puppyhood, you may want to consider his size when he would be a fully grown dog. If you’re not sure how big your dog will be, you can seek your vet’s help.

A weirdly oversized bed, too, is a wrong buy. Your dog would have to put much effort to get out and in. Not to mention the extra space and money it will cost you.

You Don’t Choose The Right Shape of The Bed.

The shape of the bed is also important. All dogs are different, and so are the positions they sleep in. To choose the bed’s right shape, you will need to observe your dog the way he sleeps.

For the dogs always sleeping as a curled-up ball, the round-shaped bed is the right choice. And for the dogs who sleep on either of their sides with all legs stretched.

Some dogs like to rest their head on a pillow-like bump on the couch. There are such dog beds available too. If your dog is too small, the shape doesn’t matter much. However, the size does.

You Put Price Over Other Factors

It would be best if you did never put price over other factors. The price depends on the functions, quality, and brand of the bed. The bed, which is expensive or cheap, does not provide a comfortable experience, is a wrong buy.

One more evident concern with cheap dog beds is the quality. The inferior quality of the dog bed only means that you will need another one very soon, which will cost you much more in the end.

You Don’t Keep in Mind Your Dog’s Special Requirements.

Has your dog been diagnosed with any bone or joint disease? If yes, you should seriously consider that. Comfortable dog beds are the best ones in that case. If you’re not sure which one is comfortable, look for orthopedic dog beds.

Some pet parents get too soft dog beds for their senior dogs or dogs with bone and joint issues, thinking it will be pretty relieving. But it’s the other way around. Such beds are bad for a dog’s joints. Too soft dog beds put tremendous pressure on their joints to get in and out of bed.

All in all, if your dog has any medical conditions and requires special beds, do consider that. Your vet can also help you with this.

You Didn’t Consider Your Dog’s Chewing Habit.

Some dogs are tough chewers. Whether bowls, beds, or toys, chewers don’t spare anything. If you somehow don’t get an indestructible or chew-proof dog bed, you will have to buy a new bed in no time.

Even some indestructible dog beds don’t stand against tough chewers. In that case, check out customer and expert reviews online. Also, checking out YouTube videos for chew-proof tests helps.

You Ignore Ease of Cleaning Factor

You very well know how daunting it can be to wash a bed, except it’s the first time you’re buying a dog bed. A dog gets real dirty, and so does his bed. Moreover, a dog brings dirty stuff to their bed, including mud, dust, microorganisms, poop, and pee particles!

Cleaning the bed regularly is required because of hygienic purposes. And considering that, whether the bed has a removable cover, is washable, the material – everything matters.

In a nutshell, you should check for a dog’s bed washability before making the final decision.

The EndNote

Buying a dog bed is more accessible, but you need to keep a few things in mind. There are small big things about the bed that will be affecting your dog’s sleep. And if it’s a wrong buy, you’re going to need to buy another one, and it’s all because of a tiny mistake. If you have no idea how to choose a bed, make notes after reading this article, take your vet’s help or your dog’s previous carer. It’s always good to ask for help.

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