National pet wellness month calls for some serious dogcentric dog care

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Hey everybody. Spike here to remind you that October is National Pet Wellness Month and a perfect time for some dogcentric dog care .Make an appointment with your vet to get your dog a preventive exam to keep him healthy. On average, dogs age seven times faster than humans; therefore, we should be seen by a vet at least twice a year. A dog seeing the vet only once a year is like the owner going to the doctor about once every six years or so.

Health problems progress much faster in dogs than humans. With exams twice a year, your vet can prevent, detect, and treat conditions before they become life threatening. This also creates a great chance for owners to ask questions about behavior, parasites, diseases, or any other concerns you may have.

As with people, disease risk increases with your dog’s age. Dental, kidney, and heart diseases as well as arthritis are just a few examples of conditions that can be managed much better with regular check ups. Even dogs that seem normal may have an underlying internal condition that an exam can catch early. Often, signs we give you are so subtle many of you may not pick up on them until we are in great discomfort or suffer internal damage. Some early indicators may include difficulty getting around, messing in the house, changes in weight, appetite, skin or hair, disruption in sleeping patterns, and bad breath. Any of these symptoms are call for a visit to the vet. Your vet can examine your dog, ask a few key questions and determine the severity of the changes.

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