November 7 walk for Canine Cancer

Why are so many dogs dying from cancer? Why at younger ages? What are we doing wrong?  Is it diet; the environment; pesticides?

Osteosarcoma is bone cancer, and some of the large breeds of dogs seem to be particularly susceptible.

The story of 2 Million Dogs began with a man and his two dogs who embarked on a walk from Austin, TX to Boston, MA inspired by the loss of his Great Pyrenees to cancer.

They walked from town to town sharing Malcolm’s story and educating people about cancer in dogs and as they built a nationwide grassroots movement, Mr. Robinson had a vision: 2,000,000 dogs walking simultaneously all across the United States for cancer.  If 2 dogs could walk over 2,000 miles surely it was possible!

And that’s how the 2 Million Dogs Foundation was born and the legacy that started out with just a man who lost his beloved dog.  Their mission benefits the study of canine cancer and comparative oncology.

November 7th 2010 The 2 Million Dog March Begins!

In 12 cities across the country the first puppy up! walks will take place. Be a part of history this November 7th by participating in the Cincinnati PuppyUp Walk.  Join Team Acme Canine as they walk from Newport on the Levee (Kentucky side of the Purple People Bridge) across the river and through the Sawyer Point Park and back across the Purple People Bridge again to Newport, KY.   Registration is 1:00pm with the walk at 2:00pm.

Visit team acme canine to sign up or for more information visit.

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