Pack socialization technique

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One of the biggest problems facing suburban and urban canines is the lack of proper socialization.

Behaviorists and trainers have been promoting puppy socialization classes for years, and many people take advantage of those classes where they are offered. It is great that people socialize their puppies, but all too often, that is the extent of socialization their dog gets. Sure they may have a few dogs at home, or maybe their dog even gets to play with a couple of neighborhood dogs once in a while, but the dog lives in relative isolation from other dogs for the most part.

The importance of socialization

The importance of socialization remains after the puppy socialization classes have ended. The issue goes deeper than simply learning how to behave around other dogs. Regular socialization allows dogs to exist in their most natural state: in the company of other dogs. This is incredibly therapeutic for dogs, lowering their overall stress level and lowering stress specifically related to other dogs. Also, it has been proven effective (in conjunction with obedience training) for reducing or eliminating certain types of aggression.

Pack to Basics

This is why Chad Mackin created a Pack to basics workshop to teach dog trainers his program’s techniques. Pack to basics is an advanced socialization process that focuses on the dogs typically excluded from doggie day-cares and other socialization venues. Because of this fact, Back to Basics offers an opportunity to help dogs that otherwise might not ever run with other dogs.

Pack to Basics is unique in many ways. Overwhelmingly the chief advantage is safety.  Unlike dog parks, dogs attending Pack to Basics classes are screened for dangerous behavior.  Dog’s who are determined to be too dangerous are prepared through training to enter classes.

In addition to this screening process, Pack to Basics classes have instructors who prevent problems before they occur.  If the dogs get into trouble, the instructor is ready to get them out of trouble without making the situation worse.  However, unlike most doggie daycare, Pack to Basics allows dogs to non-violently work out their differences, letting them learn to trust in their own diplomacy.

The result is an exceptionally well-balanced and confident dog who can remain calm and attentive even when surrounded by strange dogs.

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