Paw Philanthropy

Acme Canine has left a deep paw print in the Central Ohio dog community.

We are proud to be part of the community we serve. As a small, independent, full-service canine resource center, our clients are our neighbors – the people we know by name. Our business is built on a very simple philosophy: provide the best canine wherewithal to our clients.  We do this with a well trained, friendly, and caring team. Combine that with a fun atmosphere and it becomes Acme Canine!

As part of our mission we believe in supporting other local businesses and non-profit, dog-related organizations to improve responsible dog ownership and help keep money and jobs in the community.  Acme has raised money for Rascal Unit, dog meals (via Meals on Wheels), spay and neuter clinics, and 2 Million Dogs.

This year Circle Tail was chosen by our clients to be our major non-profit. In addition to donating a puppy to their service, Acme Canine raised $567.71 for Circle Tail (thanks in large part to the support of our clients).

Our philanthropy doesn’t end there. The staff and volunteers of Acme Canine have donated the following:

Delaware Humane Society – training and services ($4,861)

CHA Animal Shelter – gift basket ($200) for Paws to Party 2013

Reading Dogs (100+ hours at local libraries and schools)

Showtime & Associates – 2012 sponsorship Showtime Series at Delaware ($100)

Olentangy Little League – 2013 Sponsorship ($300)

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