, a Great Pet Insurance Alternative

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There’s a reason 98% of pets in the US are uninsured. It’s expensive. But there is another alternative,

By Laura Pakis, Professional Dog training and Cynologist

For a flat $24/month no matter what your pet’s age, breed, or medical history, this New York-based pet startup gives you: 24/7 unlimited access to vets, $3,000/year for a vet emergency, and protection for up to 6 pets.

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How can this be so? launched its website back in 2019, intending to become a trusted adviser to pet owners.  With its digital health clinic available 24/7 to assist you with medical questions and $3,000 a year to help with vet emergencies, you may wonder why you need pet insurance if you have a healthy dog.

Acme Canine was asked to test this app and found it wonderful.  We went to the website, clicked on the link to TALK TO A VET, and typed in that our dog, Penny, had gotten into some coffee pods.  Unlike the poison control center, which makes you wait hours for an answer, the Pawp veterinarian responded quickly with options to help Penny out.  They told us she didn’t eat enough coffee to seek medical attention but that she would have diarrhea, so be prepared for that.  In the end, they told us to remain calm and give Penny a big hug.

They were personal and friendly…You couldn’t help liking them. So, for now, let’s break down the pawp reviews based on the following criteria.

(Please note – Pawp is not actually insurance. While Pawp can help with your best friends’ medical care, Pawp is not an insurance contract with an insurance carrier in the same way your auto or home insurance is. The emergency fund only covers emergencies, and not scheduled surgery or other actions that could be covered by pet insurance.)

What’s included for $24/month

In addition to medical assistance, you can chat with the Pawp vets about behavioral questions, age-related / life stage changes, nutrition, dental, preventive health… pretty much anything you could ask a vet in person.  If you prefer not to talk with the Pawp vets, hundreds of pet-related articles on their blog will help answer pet-related questions from lifestyle to nutrition.

Pawp also sends you a weekly newsletter with great articles on exercise, nutrition, and more.  There’s even a section titled STAY BUSY, which gives you daily tasks to improve your pet knowledge.  Sign-up with Pawp for only $24/month

Final thought

It isn’t easy to find a genuine company in today’s world to help pet owners understand and care for their pets.  For this reason, along with the wealth of information on their website for pet owners and the great service they offer when you need to talk with a vet, Acme Canine gives 4 paws up.

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