Penny and Autumn Review the JW Tumble Teez Dog Toy

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Not all food dispensing dog toys are the same.  Learn more about the JW Tumble Teez and canine testers Penny and Autumn

Acme Canine recently had the opportunity to test the JW Tumble Teez.  This dog toy is similar to the Kong in that it is designed to dispense treats as your dog plays with the toy randomly. The difference is the Tumble Teez has an internal shelf design that works like a maze for the treat to travel through as your dog nudges and paws at the toy.

As a problem-solving dog toy, it is designed to keep your dog engaged and make it harder for your dog to get the treats, making treat time last longer.

Like the Kong, the Tumble Teez is natural, non-toxic rubber with a super thick rubber wall.

It comes in three sizes to fit almost every dog.

Here’s a video on what Penny and Autumn discovered.