Perfect Places to Travel with Your Dog

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Are you looking for the best dog-friendly public places? If yes, then you should be sure to read this article. There are some of the best public places that welcome dogs across the USA and other parts of the world.

By Guest Blogger, Jeremy Ambrose

Top Dog-Friendly Places to Travel with Your Dog

In most cases, it is tricky to find public places where pets are allowed, especially if you are looking to explore the city with your lovely dog. Each destination or company has its own policies about whether dogs can come in. Also, some stores and destinations break down whether pets are allowed based on your location. However, with some little research, you will be able to figure out exactly where your dog is allowed to adventure with you.

As a dog owner, you need to know if your pet qualifies as a support animal or not. If it is not a working dog and just an adorable companion, its chances of getting in with you are limited. But there are still lots of surprising places where dogs are welcome, from baseball stadiums to land-based casinos. For example Book of Ra is a perfect place to visit with your four-legged friend where you can enjoy your spare time. Here are the best dog-friendly places that you should know.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

There are many hotels in the USA and other parts of the globe that you can visit with your dog. These hotels offer a wide array of services that range from accommodations to casino areas. While in the hotels, you can also use their free internet to access their respective gaming websites and play online slots and other games on your favorite mobile device. Also, you can use your laptop or a desktop device available in your room. Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Spa, Westin Boston Waterfront, and Grand Bohemian Hotel are some of the top dog-friendly hotels.

Dog-Friendly Attractions

The moment you take your pet home, it becomes a member of the family. Dogs keep family members endlessly entertained with their adorable antics. For the joy that your beloved dog brings to you, do not leave it in the kennel on your next trip. There are many dog-friendly indoor activities and attractions in the world, especially in the USA. Some of the top dog-friendly attractions include the likes of Halyburton Park, The Backstreet Grill, and Lakes Regional Park.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

If you are bored in your house, and you want to go out and eat, you should not leave behind your pet. There are many dog-friendly restaurants out there that you can visit. And what is more? Some of them are near you. While many restaurants only accept service dogs, some of them allow any pets as long as they do not disrupt other customers. Some of the most popular dog-friendly restaurants include Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, the Patio on Lamont Street Restaurant, and Miss Ricky’s Dog-Friendly Restaurant.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter where you want to bring your lovely dog with you; there are many public places you can visit. Just ensure that they are calm and comfortable. Whether you love meeting new buddies, smelling some new places, or gambling in land-based casinos, you should not leave your dog at home as long as you pick dog-friendly destinations. Was this article helpful? Please share your opinion or experience about it.

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