Personalized Group Obedience Class

Looking for something special to do with your dog friends?  Interested in a unique party idea that involves dogs?  Book a canine group class designed just for you.

Acme Canine can specialize an obedience class to the date, time and even the place that suits you the best.  All you need to do is have three (or more) dog owners interested in participating and the is set.  Call (740) 548-1717 for more information.

Basic Obedience Group Class

Our certified trainer, Laura Pakis, will provide you and your friends with the knowledge and skills necessary to train your dog each step of the way. She’ll guide you through the training process and through obedience your dog will become a better member of your family. Not only will your dog learn basic obedience but we focus on good manners and building respect. Your dog will build a good foundation through many group exercises and distraction training. All commands are taught on leash. Six week course. Limit six dogs. Cost $300 with $100 deposit to reserve spot.

Intermediate Obedience Group Class

Is your dog still using a dragline in your home? Does your dog only respond to commands if you pick up the leash? Take your dog from on leash in your home to responding to verbal commands off leash. Obedience is a way of life and must be maintained as your dog grows and matures. Dogs must know on leash commands and be able to pass a competency test. Six week course. Limit six dogs. Cost $300 with $100 deposit to reserve spot.


Advanced Obedience Group Class

If your dog responds well to verbal commands off leash or on a tab in your home then this class is the next step in your dog’s education. We will coach you along in the process of getting your dog offleash outdoors. Dogs must be successfully responding to commands in the home without a dragline as a prerequisite to this class. Six week course. Limit six dogs. Cost $300 with $100 deposit to reserve spot. Call us at 740-548-1717 for additional information and to schedule a free competency test!

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