Pet Care 101: When you should bring your dog to the vet

Every pet owner seems to have one struggle in common: when to bring their pet to the vet

By Guest Blogger, Jonas Haxholm

While pet owners know the importance of maintaining their pet’s health, the veterinarian’s office can be expensive. The majority of pet advice websites demand that you bring your pet to the vet whenever you suspect that something might be wrong.

Still, if you’re wondering more about this matter, you can keep reading to find out when you should bring your pet to the vet..

Your Young Pets

If your pet is under one year old, it’ll have different needs than a cat or dog does in adulthood. That’s because your dog will need to have vaccines at least once a month until it’s a year old. These vaccines will prevent your pet from falling victim to diseases or illnesses.

You may also want your pet to be treated with medications that prevent fleas and ticks. Depending on your area, you may do this as a safety measure to ensure that you don’t have to handle the problem after it arises.

When your pet is around 6 months old you’ll want to bring him or her to ensure that everything is progressing properly. During this appointment, your vet will determine whether your cat or dog is growing as it should.

Your Adult Pets

When your pets become adults, they require much less attention compared to their younger and older years. That’s because, if everything progressed well when they were young, your pets are likely healthy.

During this time, we suggest that you bring your pet for yearly checkups. This will be enough to determine whether your pet comes down with illnesses or diseases. During these checkups, your doctor will check for things like cancer and arthritis.

Of course, if you suspect that your pet is in pain, you should bring him or her to your vet immediately. That’s because pain can be a sign of other problems and if gone untreated, some of these can prove fatal.

Overall, pay close attention to your pets and if you notice that there may be something wrong, you should bring your pet to the vet.

Your Senior Pets

Older dogs will have to see the vet more often than younger dogs. That’s because senior dogs are more likely to get sick and are more susceptible to cancer. It’s especially important that you record any changes you may have seen in your cat or dog during this time. Inform your vet of everything so that he or she is aware of anything that might be affecting your pets.


We know that your pets are some of the most important things in your life. That’s why it’s important for you to know that they’re being taken care of and that you’re doing everything to maintain their health.

Depending on how old your pet is, you’ll want to bring him or her to the vet at different times. If you are ever in doubt about your pet’s personal health, be sure to get the right vet advice!

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