Dog Food Trends For 2021

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The trend for dog food is accelerating since many people own dogs now.

By Guest Blogger, John Woods

Nowadays, the trend for dog food is accelerating since many people have pet ownership now. Just like humans are concerned about their healthy food trends and labels launching food, the same is the scenario with pets. Pet owners always remain interested in knowing the major food trends that will suit your pet well.

Point to be noted that pets have different food intake schedules, and their intake capacity changes or increases with age.

For instance, a pet cat cannot rely on vegetables and fruit; instead, it needs meat to fulfill its taste and demand. Similarly, things are different from dogs. The food intake depends entirely on their age and breed. With age, their food intake increases, and this also depends on the breed of the dog.

Let’s take a look at the dog food trends that are these days.

Sustainable food

With the definition of sustainability, we refer to the social, economic, and environmental imports of one’s action. With the increase in the number of pet owners, there is an increase in their pet’s food concerns.

Most owners opt for foods that have sustainable ingredients and packaging with them. In easy words, the ingredients of pet food must be non-toxic. The packaging should be recyclable and easily disposed of.

Organic or natural food

Another important trend or concern for every pet owner is determining whether the food they have chosen for their pet is organic or natural. Pet owners look for natural organic food to fulfill their pet’s nutritional requirements.

But unfortunately, the unavailability of organic food has created a gap to meet every pet owner’s needs and promises. The pet owner would love to search or buy organic food compatible with their pet’s needs.

Gluten and grain-free food

Gluten or Grain-free food is the most animated topic for the year 2021. Many pet owners are looking for gluten-free food since they are not compatible with such gluten-incorporated food. But it is advisable that before buying food for your pet, you must talk and discuss your pet’s nutritional intake with your pet dietician or veteran since it will save you from many health concerns.

Also discussed above, the pet food intake rises with increasing age and depends on breed too.

Grain inclusive foods

That’s another important trend since a lot of limelight is being placed over inclusive grain foods.

The famous grain foods such as chia, millet, buckwheat, or sorghum have become vital in every pet food intake.

Apart from this, spinach and blueberries have also taken a toll on the pet food industry. Pets are switching towards more organic vegetables and fruits. Owners are pleased with this as their pets stay healthy and hydrated with fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Better supplements food for pets

Every pet owner is concerned about his pet’s fiber intake and other supplemental food such as formulas. The most concern during the previous years has shown for dogs, but the trend is changing.

Many brands have launched formula-based supplements that are equipped with fiber and other organic ingredients for cats. Those ingredients are sufficient to keep your pet cat healthy.

As pet owners, they have to look for basic food supplements for their pet cat or dog. When your pet is healthy enough, their stubbornness will reach a minimum threshold, and they will stay away from diseases too.

Other dog trends in 2021 are

Pet insurance

It is also a significant trend. Since now parents are concerned with their pet health too. They want to make sure that their pets have insurance regarding their health too. And this way, if the owner has insurance, they can afford their pet treatment.

Natural pet toys

Natural pet toys are an entertainment tool for pets. These must involve natural organic cotton and rubber or other pet-shaped toys that can keep them busy while the owner is doing something else. Natural pet toys nowadays are cost-effective and eco-friendly too.

Pet collars, especially for stubborn Dogs

Well, there’s a wide variety of collars for dogs that are classified as

  • manual or remote
  • Shock or vibration-based collars

Whatever the type you chose for your dog, make sure you have measured your dog’s neck with the help of a measuring tape. This way, you can purchase the accurate size of the collar.

We know that dogs come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, we have St. Bernard, which is one giant dog. The collar size of this dog will not match any other species of dog.

If you are interested in purchasing a perfect collar for your dog, let’s take a look below.

Pet union Best E collar Dog

It is a customized electronic collar and works best within the range of 500 yards.

Sport Dog Remote trainer

This collar is weatherproof and involves water up to 25 feet in depth.

Petspy collar

This collar is adjustable, which means you can re-change the size or adjust the collar according to your dog’s neck size.

Educator E collar 

It is also an adjustable collar for dogs of various neck sizes,


We can look and purchase a few types for our stubborn dogs for handling them properly. This way, the stubborn dogs are well controlled and cannot attack. You can find these well-controlled collars for dogs online or at local shops.

Also, the collars of dogs can be customized according to your dog size. You can customize this according to the dog’s neck size. 

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John is a dog trainer, author, and founder of All Things Dogs  He has published content in PetMD, Wag, PetFirst, and other sites. John works in conjunction with the Southern Cross Vet team to ensure his advice is reliable and actionable.

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