Picture Perfect: How To Keep Your Pooch Looking Their Best

Grooming your pet isn’t just essential for keeping your dog in good condition, but it is also a vital bonding experience between pooch and owner.

By Guest Blogger, Monica Libby

Grooming your pet isn’t just essential for keeping your dog in good condition, but it is also a vital bonding experience between pooch and owner. Even if your four legged friend doesn’t seem to enjoy grooming, once you choose the right equipment and once your fur baby is used to the experience, you can both get a lot of pleasure from the experience.

If you need some advice about how to keep your pooch looking their best, read on and discover some expert advice that will ensure your dog stays looking great no matter how dirty or tangled they get!

Regular Bathing

Your dog will need to be bathed regularly. The good news is that most dogs love water and can’t wait to jump in the shower or bath. If you have a smaller dog and are struggling to manage with your own tub, you could invest in a baby bath. This will help you to get your pet in and out of the water easily and to give your dog a good scrub! It’s often easier to shower your pet since the soap suds can be removed more easily. Never use a human shampoo, however, since they are very bad for your pet’s skin. Always choose an appropriate dog shampoo. There are lots of different types available, so choosing the right one for your pet isn’t always easy. However, choosing a product from a trustworthy brand is always a good idea to ensure that your dog experiences no irritations.

Nail Clipping

Your pet will need to have regular claw clipping to keep their nails at the right level. If you can hear your pet walking on a hard floor, their claws are too long. You can buy specialist dog claw clippers in pet stores which are easy to use. Simply hold your pet’s paw in your hand, isolating one claw at a time and clip off the end of the nail straight across. Make sure not to clip too far down or you could hurt your pet.

Ear And Eye Cleaning

Your dog will need to have their ears cleaned regularly in order to avoid hearing problems and ear mites. This is something that is a particular problem for dogs with floppy or over-large ears like Bassett Hounds and Bloodhounds. You can use ordinary water on a damp cloth or specialist ear wipes from pet stores to keep your pet’s ears in good condition and free from waxy build-up or grime. Your pet’s eyes will also have a tendency to become gunky and sticky. In the case of lighter colored dogs, you’ll also see tear stains build up over time. These can be cleaned away with eye wipes from a pet store or by using ordinary warm water and a soft, clean cloth.


Most dogs require clipping of their coats at some point, although some will need it more frequently than others. Naturally short-haired dogs like terriers may not need clipping very frequently, however those with long hair or very curly hair will need regular clipping to ensure they are comfortable. Although you could take your dog to a grooming parlor, if you want to save money there are lots of different types of clipper on the market, some which are perfect for small dogs and others which are best suited to large breeds.


Finding the right brush to keep your pet’s coat looking smooth and well cared for can be tricky. There are lots of different types on the market and you need to find one which is right for your individual pet’s coat. If your dog has a very long double coat, a rake brush is the best way to remove loose hairs below the surface. On the other hand, if you pet has a very short coat, a standard pin brush should do the job admirably. If your pet has a curly coat, a slicker brush will be perfect and will keep your pet looking great. The right brush will make the grooming process more comfortable for both you and your pet.

With these top tips in mind, your pooch will be looking gorgeous in no time!

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