Plexidor; a big hit for dogs at Acme Canine

by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike


Today I wanted to give  an update on the new doggie door by Plexidor.  As you know from my earlier blog, Plexidor sent us a door and installed it for free.  Our job was to test it with the gang who come to Acme for boarding, training and daycare.

This door really made a difference at Acme Canine’s training facility.  Us dogs are finding it useful for a lot of reasons.  Plexidor2

On nice days we can go in and out without waiting for the staff to take us.  This has helped some of us with pottying since we don’t have to hold it until we are taken out by the staff.  They did a good job of taking us our every 3 hours but sometimes when we get excited, a dog has to go when he has to go.  I think the staff is happier too since there aren’t as many accidents to clean up.

We also figured out a game to play.  It’s similar to follow the leader.  One dog starts the game and we all follow.  We use the Plexidor to extend our game inside and out.  Sometimes the staff doesn’t like it and they put up the white board which blocks us from traveling through the door.  Then we just change our game to steal the toy.  We’re pretty flexible.

Another thing about the door is that it’s much better to use than a regular door.  I guess opening and closing a normal size door lets out a lot of cold air in the summer and my owner, Laura, is always trying to find ways to be more Green so the Plexidor does a good job conserving energy.  This makes her smile and give me more belly rubs.Plexidor1

Most of the dogs in daycare and open boarding have learned to use the door.  It took me about 3 days but Lily learned in 5 seconds and flies through the door.  My older brother, Woofie, was right there with Lily using the door but most of the other dogs took as long as I did.

Of course nothing is perfect.  The white metal board is difficult to screw into the wall on a daily basis so my owner is thinking of ordering the accessory hardware which allows you to slide the white board in place.  And we are anxious to see how the door works when we have a snow storm.

Overall, we all think the Plexidor is a nice addition to Acme Canine’s training center.  Plexidor3Both dogs and staff like it (for difference reasons) and feel it makes life less frustrating, which is a good thing.  And, as you can see from the photo, not many of us stay indoors on a beautiful day.

You can check out more about how Plexidor has changed our lifestyle at

Also want you to know I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and Plexidor.   Dog biscuits aren’t cheap, you know.  I received compensation for my time from Plexidor for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine.