PRODUCT REVIEW: 4 Legs 4 Pets cots

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Putting your dog on a pedestal isn’t the only reason to invest in a dog cot. Cots offer several benefits; the most obvious being getting your dog off the floor.

Cots can be used for pets of all types and in most environments. Cozying up at home, keeping watch at work, relaxing outside and everything in between.  Acme Canine uses them indoors and outdoors and the dogs love them.   We usually teach the Place Mat command on them since the boundaries are clearly defined.

Most of our cots tear with use or fade.  The fabric cover on 4Legs4Pets cots has a unique lace-up end for periodic tightening and resists mold, mildew, fleas & other pests. The open-weave mesh fabric promotes air-flow and is easy to clean!  All you need to do is hose it off and wipe it down –making it easy to sanitize when needed.

Its low 5″ height perfect for all pets especially those with joint & arthritic issues and short-legged breeds.  And the frame is powder-coated steel tubing rather than hard plastic which makes it much more durable.

All parts of the cots are replaceable and you can customize your cot to a variety of colors and even logos.

With so much positive to say about 4Legs4Pets cots you would think there would be some negatives…at this point, we can’t find any.

In fact, Acme Canine just received our order of 4Legs4Pets cots, and I have to say they are the easiest cots to put together.

So if you’re looking for something comfortable that is versatile and functional, we recommend you check out 4Legs4Pets cots.  This is a family business that does not sell on Amazon, Walmart, E-bay or other mass-market sites. Their products are sold in brick & mortar pet stores, training, grooming and daycare centers and other businesses in the USA, Canada & Overseas. Contact them with your address for a dealer nearest you.

Acme Canine gives them 5 paws up!

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