PRODUCT REVIEW: Bobbybed dog bed-a dog bed more comfortable than your mattress!

Are you looking for a dog berth to spoil your dog?  You might want to consider the Bobby Bed-a bed more comfortable than your mattress!

By Chester, guest dog blogger

I was asked to review a calming dog bed designed by therapists.  Now I’m not a hyper guy, but I do get a little stressed out when my humans leave me, so we all agreed the Bobbybed might be something to try.  It’s been a month since the product has been in my home.

The Calming Donut Bed

Let me tell you this is one soft place to retire.  The cover is made from an ultra-soft fabric and soothing shag fur designed to mimic a dog’s coat.  And it’s scratch-proof, bite-proof as well as machine washable.  True, the dog bed required no assembly, but you don’t usually have to assemble cushions.

Under this cover is egg crate foam, which adjusts to pressure immediately and matches the curvature of our spine and relieves pressure from our joints.  This is a terrific feature for small to medium dogs, but unfortunately, over time, the foam will break down and become permanently compressed, leaving an imprint of your dog.  At this time, Bobby Bed does not offer replacement foam.

Depending on the size you buy, the bed costs between $45 and $74 with FREE shipping.  My humans say this isn’t too bad compared to other dog cushions.

The company stands behind its products and offers free hassle returns & exchanges within 30 days of your order.  A plus is they also donate 1% of all sales to the North Shore Animal League, the Worlds Largest No Kill Movement.

The Stress Test

Research indicates that 20% to 40% of dogs struggle daily with some form of anxiety.  This product was developed with the assistance of a dog behavioral therapist to ensure the most effective design to help ease and calm anxious dogs.   It has orthopedic support for our head and neck, which helps ensure blissful sleep.  Bobby Bed suggests that most anxiety is solved with a better night’s rest.

My human friend, Laura, is a dog trainer.  She thinks this may be true for humans, but dogs with anxiety need self-control tools to help them cope.  So she set up a 3-week test to see if I would stress-pee less when my humans left the house because I now had the Calming Donut Bed.

My humans were told not to introduce the bed to me. Instead, just leave it on the ground for me to investigate.  Then they were to record when they left the house, and if I peed or not during their absence.

The fourth week didn’t test anxiety, but if I preferred the calming donut over other beds I have.

The Test Results

I have to say that the bed didn’t change much in my behavior—anything worse and nothing better.  I do like the bed.  The bed’s donut-structure creates crevices that allowed me to burrow into it, which was kind of fun.

It truly is comfy, but a little warm to stay in.  I think I will like it more when the white stuff starts falling from the sky, and my humans build fires.


Acme Canine believes the Bobby Bed dog bed is a quality product, and the company does a super job standing behind their product.

The calming Donut Bed is a charming bed for small to medium dogs.  And the donut shape indeed encourages nesting with the dogs. We would not recommend this product for larger dogs over 50 pounds.  For this weight of dog memory foam is recommended.

In Chester’s case, the Calming Donut Bed did not affect his anxiety, although he did enjoy using it. Acme Canine has several articles on the subject of anxiety on Spike’s Dog blog, which may help dog owners improve their dog’s stress level overusing this bed.

Acme Canine gives the Calming Donut Bed three paws up for the quality of workmanship and a company that stands behind their product.

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