PRODUCT REVIEW: Centered Naturals Pet CBD

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Not all pet CBD products have the ability to provide pain relief, but Centered Naturals seems to have developed a good formula to help.

Dogs (and cats) have an endocannabinoid system that can accept CBD just like humans. Also, hemp extracts have been demonstrated to have a very positive effect on pets. As stated by Centered Naturals Pet CBD, “Some common benefits include pain relief and calming effects.”

Acme Canine was asked to try two of their products, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Tincture and Pumpkin Peanut Butter Biscuits, with our 13-year old Boxer Mix, Autumn.  These are our observations over a 3 week period of use.

Who is Centered Naturals

Centered Naturals is a company of diverse people committed to​ educating and connecting the public with the highest quality​ hemp-infused products at the best possible price.  They offer products with a broad spectrum 100% Colorado USA grown hemp extract selected for its medicinal properties and flavor.

Centered Naturals manufactures its own products using two separate facilities that handle both the extraction and food product preparation. Their operations meet the standards of Industrial Hemp Extraction Laboratory (Golden, CO), Certified Commercial Kitchen, and CDPHE Registered and Compliant Fulfillment Facility (Colorado Springs, CO).

In other words, they are using the best technology available to create their products.

The Products We Tested

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Tincture

This tincture is specially formulated for dogs and cats.  The CBD extract is in wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil.  The reason for using this type of oil is that it is well known for its omega-3 fatty acid content, which supports cardiovascular health, strengthens joints and the immune system, and fosters a healthy skin and coat.

It comes in 3 dosages: $31.88/one ounce/150 MG (small dogs & cats), $53.88/one ounce/500 MG (medium dogs and cats), and $76.88/one ounce/1000 MG (large dogs).

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Biscuits

These biscuits are all-natural and contain such ingredients as organic pumpkin and natural peanut butter. To this mixture, Centered Naturals add Premium Colorado, THC-free hemp extract, which is packed with high levels of CBD, other CBs, and beneficial terpenes.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, 100% Organic Pumpkin, Natural Peanut Butter, Water, Cinnamon, Baking Powder, Vitamin E, Hemp Extract, and Potassium Sorbate

The biscuits cost is $25.88/150mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and includes 30 pieces per jar.   They also have a 250mg Jar for larger dogs.

What We Observed

500 mg Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Tincture

Our dog, Autumn, is 65 lbs.  According to the label on the 500mg medium dog jar, the dosage is 2 mg of extract per 10 lbs, or for Autumn, about 14 mg.  With this dosage, Autumn continued to lick her arthritic paws.

It is suggested on the bottle to observe your dog and increase the dosage depending on the severity of the condition.  So we increased Autumn’s dose to 28 mg.  With this increase, we noticed Autumn calmer, and she no longer licked her paws.

We need to note that we did not consult our veterinarian before making this dietary change since Autumn was already taking a CBD supplement.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Biscuits

Unfortunately, we could not test the biscuit’s effects on Autumn since her ‘sister,’ Penny, found the sample on the counter and ate the packet of 3 biscuits.

We can vouch that Penny found the biscuits delicious and irresistible.


Acme Canine believes Centered Naturals to be a company with integrity and high standards for their products.  Also, their CBD tincture for pets did work and was helpful with Autumn’s arthritis.

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