PRODUCT REVIEW: Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

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If you’ve been saying, “I don’t have the time to cook for myself much less my dog,” then it’s time to try Darwin’s Raw Dog Food

I have to say when Darwin’s approached Acme Canine to test and review their raw dog food, I was a bit skeptical.  For one reason, I’m not a ‘raw anything’ type of person and the other reason is I want the best and safest food for my dogs.  But after reading their website and some of the reviews on their raw dog food, I decided to give it a try on our 11-year-old Boxer mix, Autumn.

Autumn’s had some issues in her older age.  Her stomach gets upset from time to time and then isn’t interested in eating her breakfast (we feed twice a day).  She also has some arthritis and is recovering from back surgery which I’m sure caused some pain now and then. So we thought her to be the perfect choice to see if Darwin’s dog food would actually improve her situation.

Darwin’s dog food is only available as a home delivery subscription.  They allow you to customize your order to suit your pet’s health needs, their tastes, and your budget. They have a support staff that can help you formulate a feeding plan as well.


the difference it made in Autumn

Acme Canine received a two week supply of Darwin’s Natural Selections™ Raw Dog Food.  This is their premium line of raw dog food.  So we were able to offer Autumn a variety of meats to choose from.  Since we had never feed our dogs raw food, we followed their transitioning guide.  Autumn adjusted perfectly.  In fact, she LOVED the dog food.

Our other dog, Penny (a Bluetick Coonhound) is very food motivated.   We always had her wait for Autumn to finish eating since Penny is such a fast eater.  With Darwin’s, our feeding pattern changed.  Autumn is now chowing down the food and salivating before eating!  This was one of the first difference we noted.

Within a week, Autumn was initiating play with Penny and running around the yard.  We didn’t change her lifestyle or provide anything different in her diet.  It truly was amazing!

During the second week, we did notice an evening of stomach rumbling and had to give Autumn some antacid in the morning before she ate.  This was the only occurrence during the two week period.

some of the inconveniences with a raw food

You may think from what I just wrote, Autumn would have continued on Darwin’s dog food.  Well, there’s also a human side to the feeding equation.  Even though Darwin’s is extremely convenient as raw dog food goes and definitely a quality product, my husband and I couldn’t get past the rawness.  We also found feeding Autumn raw food more time consuming (her bowl needed to perfectly clean before each meal and our hands needed to be washed as well in the rare chance of spreading salmonella).


For those who want a quality raw dog food with the convenience of a dry or canned food, Acme Canine recommends Darwin’s and not because I was compensated for this post.   It truly made a difference in Autumn.

And by clicking on this photo you can get a discount to try it for yourself.

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