PRODUCT REVIEW: Green Goat Premium CBD Dog Chews

CBD oil can help you with headaches, body aches, swelling, arthritis, anxiety, seizures, along many other things, but did you know it can also help dogs?

By Guest Dog Blogger, Autumn

CBD oil can help pets with anxiety and arthritis by working with the TRPV1 receptor, which controls pain perception, body temperature, and inflammation. I should know, I use it, and I’m a dog.

I started using CBD oil about three years ago after having back surgery. I was 9 years old at the time. My owners, Phil and Laura, were concerned about my apathy in playing with them and the trouble I had keeping up on walks and going up and downstairs.

They heard about CBD and its possibilities for back pain in humans, so they looked into it for me. They started with King Kalm Oil and squirting it in my mouth. I liked the taste, and it made me feel better, but it was messy and inconvenient for them. So, they continued their search.

The next company they tried was Pet Honesty. Pet Honesty has quite a few products. The first product I used was Hemp Mobility Chews which contains hemp, glucosamine, and turmeric. This worked fairly well, but I needed to take 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets at night to feel as good as the oil made me feel.

As if by destiny, the people from contacted Laura to see if she would test their product on me. She agreed, and they sent her a week’s worth of their beef-flavored Premium CBD Dog Chews. It even came with a hand-written note from Stephen Wood, one of the founders, suggesting I take one treat a day at first to see if it gave me enough relief.
The first couple of days, I felt okay but nothing to talk about. By day 3, I felt pretty spry and chased my sister’s toy when my folks threw it. By day 4, I played with my sister, Penny, and actually chased her (something I hadn’t done in a year or so).

Green Goat Premium CBD Dog Chews

My folks are sold on Green Goat Premium CBD Dog Chews. Just one 2 mg. chew equals the results of six Pet Honesty Hemp Mobility Chews. As far as price, six Hemp Mobility Chews cost them about $2.50/day, whereas one Green Goat Premium CBD Dog Chew (which is on sale now for $31.49) costs them a little more than $1.00/day for even better results.  You can save even more by signing up for a membership subscription at $24.49/month.

Seeing better results could be because all Green Goat products are broad-spectrum. This means the CBD comes from the whole plant extract, which helps me have better and longer-lasting relief.  Green Goat’s products don’t use unnecessary additives or fillers AND contain no THC. And they manufacture their products with the #1 broad spectrum company in the USA. They even test their CBD oil through two 3rd-party labs for safety and quality.

When you buy a product, you can view the lab results by visiting This doesn’t mean much to me, but it did to my owners, Phil and Laura.


CBD is a winner in my family’s book; it doesn’t have any extreme adverse side effects. You folks need to do the research and find the right CBD product that works best for you.  For now, Green Goat Dog Chews are the perfect answer for me.  Your dog will not only love the taste of the dog treats, but because they are soft and chewy, they’re easy for us old dogs to eat.

Acme Canine gives Green Goat 4 paws up for the integrity, transparency, and quality of Green Goat products and thinks you will too!

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