PRODUCT REVIEW: Is That A Wolf or A Dog?

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If you’re currently looking for a children’s book, which gives insight into choosing the right dog as well as the responsibilities of owning one, consider, Is That A Wolf or A Dog?

Children have enjoyed dog ownership for centuries, but owning a dog is not something to take lightly. Kids must recognize that there is a lot of work that goes into dog ownership – a happy, healthy, and well-trained canine doesn’t happen overnight.

Author, Marcangelo L. Benevenga, does just this in his book about Arya, his Czechoslovakian Vlcak.  The book, based on a true story, only from the perspective of a 14-year-old boy, shares how an obsession with wolves provided the catalyst to research, obtain and train this unusual dog breed.

Is That A Wolf or A Dog? is an enjoyable read for any child who wants a dog but doesn’t understand the responsibilities of owning a dog.  The story discusses finding the right personality and temperament of the dog as well as the care, feeding, and training associated with having a dog.  Andrea Alemanno’s illustrations breathe life into the story.

Acme Canine highly recommends this book and gives it 4-paws up for content and the example that dreams do come true if you put enough effort into them.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about Arya and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, visit  You can even follow Arya’s adventures on Instagram @wolfdogintoronto.

Interested in buying the book?

The cost is CAD 15.00 for paperback, CAD 2.95 for digital download in  English, and CAD 3.95 for digital download in Italian. Enter code ACMECANINE for 20%

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