PRODUCT REVIEW: Pure Gold CBD oil for dogs

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CBD oil for dogs has become one of the most widely used natural supplements in the world.

By Guest Dog Blogger, Penny Pakis

Thanks to its therapeutic effects, it’s no wonder humans can’t get enough of it. But CBD can be just as effective for managing symptoms and conditions in us pets. It can be used to help manage anxiety, pain, and other chronic conditions.

Recently, these medical discoveries have drawn a heap of attention and excitement. And because of this, there are a lot of businesses that are more interested in making a buck than selling anything that will provide significant relief.  With an absence of regulation, dog owners need to pay careful attention and make informed decisions.

Background on CBD Oils

Most CBD oils are derived from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant.

The potency is measured in milligrams (mg). It provides an indication of dosage strength, but potency cannot be determined by the percentage of ingredients. Percentages only tell you the proportion of the mixture, not the actual quantities of individual ingredients. Generally speaking, the higher the potency the more noticeable the effects will be. A higher number would be ideal for those with severe or chronic pain.

Kannaway Pure Gold

My owners were asked to try a sample of Kannaway Pure Gold CBD Oil.  This product sells for $35.99/250mg.  It is made with broad-spectrum hemp oil that provides more than 8 mg of CBD in each serving.

Spike’s Dog Blog By Acme Canine is a dog owner’s resource so my owners used the sample on their 12-year-old Boxer mix, Autumn, who has arthritis.  (Kannaway does have a product specifically for dogs, Kannaway Pets: Pure Hemp Oil which retails for $187.99/Active Ingredients per 1/4 tsp. (1.25 mL) Active CBD Per Serving: 10.42 mg).

After three days of using one dropper full as directed, Autumn started licking her front legs more (this was an indication her legs were hurting her).  So my owners upped the dosage to 3 droppers for the next three days.  Autumn continued to obsessively lick her front legs.


After using Kannaway Pure Gold CBD Oil on Autumn, it appears the potency is not high enough for Autumn’s chronic pain.  This does not mean the product doesn’t work, just that it isn’t the product for Autumn.

There are many companies that now provide CBD Oil for dogs.  Acme Canine’s suggestion is to do your research and find the right potency for your dog’s condition.

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