PRODUCT REVIEW: Ruff on the Road Dog Collars

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Durable, quality and beautiful; that’s what best describes the Ruff on the Road collars.

By guest dog blogger, Autumn

One of the perks of being a dog blogger is that I get to try out new products.  So when the Ruff On The Road company contacted Acme Canine my ears perked up.

I like dog collars and had been wearing a padded leather collar for about 5 years.  Unfortunately, I ruined it while talking with a skunk (the skunk didn’t want to talk and let me know).  My owners were thinking of getting me another leather collar until they saw how cool the knotted and embroidered collars of Ruff On The Road were.

They received the knotted reflective Forget Me Knots collar which sells for about $26.

Just looking at the collar you could see the quality and durability of it.  Each collar is handmade by indigenous people of Guatemala who add their individuality and self-expression into these vibrant collars.

Quality and Design

Being made from thread, you might be expecting the collars to be flimsy.  This is so far from the truth.  I’ve been wearing mine for several months and it still looks brand new, despite getting wet and my desire to roll in the grass.  No stray threads or worn areas.

The company really put thought into the design of their collars.  The collars are thicker than most store-bought collars.  There is a very secure plastic loop to attach tags to and a metal loop for you to attach your leash to.  The clasp is easy to use hard plastic which, when connected, makes a secure collar even a hard puller couldn’t break.

Since the people of Ruff On The Road are committed to achieving a sustainable ecological footprint, they are action-oriented in planting pine trees for each product you purchase.  And, by the way, there is an assortment of durable, quality products including leashes, beds, bandanas, straps and bags.



If you are looking for a unique collar that holds up to the wear and tear of an active dog and looks great, Acme Canine recommends checking out Ruff On The Road products.  You won’t be disappointed.

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