PRODUCT REVIEW: West & Willow Pet Portraits

If a picture says a thousand words, then a West & Willow dog portrait is poetry.

When West & Willow, a leading custom pet portrait brand with 10k customers worldwide, approached Acme Canine to collaborate with them, we had not heard of their company. They specialize in modern and simple designs that incorporate seamlessly with modern decor.

We agreed to write a review using our guidelines:  A quality product which does what the company says it does, and with the guarantee, we will write an honest review.

How It Works

The process is straight forward.  You select a photo of your pet/s using the image guidelines.  Then select your background and frame options (they even offer frameless and phone cases).  You complete your order with payment and sending it off to the West & Willow digital artists.  It couldn’t be easier.

Cost varies from $25 for a phone case to $129.95 for a framed poster of multiple pets.

It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive your portrait.

The Product

Acme Canine chose a photo of our old gal, Autumn.  We decided on a peach background and a black frame.   We thought we would receive a proof, but the company is not set up for this. If the photo doesn’t meet their quality standards, they will reach out to you for a new photo.

The portrait arrived quickly (less than 2 weeks).  Upon opening it, we were blown away by the incredibly accurate details and quality of the poster.  Our photos don’t do it justice.

And by selecting a frame, it was ready to display on the wall.  West & Willow even includes a wall bracket to attach to the frame!


If you are looking for a modern portrait of your dog definitely consider West & Willow.  They are a New York City-based company dedicated to creating beautiful modern portraits of your pets.  They also believe you will be interested in ordering your own pet portrait so they sent us the promo code PAWFRIENDS15, which gets you 15% off an entire order.

Acme Canine gives them 5 paws for the quality of their work, actually doing what they say they will do and in an easy, effective way.

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