Puppy Training Essentials: 3 Tips for Housebreaking Your New Puppy

by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Hi folks! Spike here again, with some words of wisdom for all you humans out there with a new puppy in your life. If you’ve just gotten a new furry bundle of joy, you probably find yourself acutely aware of your pup’s bathroom habits–and they might seem challenging to manage. Here’s some quick puppy training tips on housebreaking from a dog who’s been there:

Take Your Puppy Out Often

Little puppies have little bladders–we just can’t hold it for very long when we’re tiny! The more frequently we’re taken outside to relieve ourselves, the less frequently we’ll have an accident in the house. We don’t mean to make a mess on your carpet or hardwood floors; we need guidance from our humans, and for them to show us where we should go.

When Your Puppy Goes in an Appropriate Place, Praise Him or Her!

While humans might want us to simply relieve ourselves quickly when taken outside, young pups may be distracted by a squirrel, leaf, or stick nearby. The world’s a big, fascinating place, and little puppies might forget they have to go when there’s so much to learn and explore! But with patience, nature will call. When it does, lavish your puppy with praise. This will help him or her understand that this is what is appropriate. And, with a confidence boost from doing a job well done, he or she will quickly catch on that going outside is in your puppy’s best interest, too.

Don’t Sweat Accidents

Especially with little ones, it’s likely that accidents are going to happen. Humans, I repeat: don’t sweat them. Don’t get angry at yourself and definitely don’t get angry at your little puppy! If you catch your puppy starting to go, gently scoop the pup up, and let them finish outside or in the designated elimination area. Clean up the mess, and continue to be persistent in your housebreaking efforts.

With the combination of frequent opportunity, lots of encouragement, and gentle reminders, your pup will be well on his or her way to being housebroken.

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