Puppy Treads

This past month Acme Canine tested Puppy Treads, a product similar to a thick contact paper except it provides a safe, non-slip walking surface for your dog.  The product is manufactured and distributed by the HandiRamp Company, which has been in the safety business for over 50 years.

HandiRamp provided us with two treads for testing.  These 6 x 24 inch treads were a clear lightweight rubbery material with a texture imprinted on them to prevent slipping.  It was suggested the treads be applied to tile flooring or interior hardwood stairs and floors.  We had neither.

What we did have was rhino floor. So we prepared the surface by cleaning the floor and allowing it to dry.  Even though we used a rolling pin per instructions to push out air bubbles and creases, as the days went by, dirt and dog hair found their way under the tread and it started sliding when we walked on it.  The good news was the adhesive treads didn’t leave behind a sticky residue after removal.

We then tried another tread on a metal flashing located at the bottom of a Plexidor doggie door we have in our training room.  Again we thoroughly cleaned the flashing.  We cut the tread to size and applied it to the flashing using a rolling pin.Plexidor2

This tread has held.  In fact, it has survived dogs running in and out the doggie door, 14 consecutive days of rain and our kennel cleaner. With almost 30 days on the flashing we don’t see any change in the tread or parts of it lifting up.

Although this isn’t the intended use for the tread, for the dogs staying at Acme it has provided a comfortable safe surface and seems as if it will definitely stay put for years to come.  We’ll have to see what happens in winter but for now it’s working great.

If you are interested in purchasing Puppy Treads, the company is offering a 10% discount code for our readers: BLOG2015

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