Quack, a good alternative to a basket muzzle

‘Quack’ by Japanesequack designer pet supplies company Oppo is an interesting option to the usual basket muzzle.  Shaped like a duck’s bill, the muzzle sits on the dog’s snout to transform your canine friend’s biting issue into being safe around other dogs and people.

Reviews are mixed for this product.  Some feel the muzzle is “nothing short of torture to the dog.”  While others think it “actually looks much nicer than a hannibal lecter/bad-guy-from-skyfall/darth-vador-face-mask sort of prison.”

We ordered three sizes to test from Amazon.com.  The total cost was less than $20 for all three. Although they say they are for medium and large dogs, I don’t believe they would fit a dog larger than 20 lbs.

Normally we use a plastic basket muzzle when walking dog aggressive dogs in the neighborhood.  People do notice the muzzle and stay away from the dog.  We noticed when testing the ‘Quack’, it seemed to encourage people to approach us and ask why the dog was wearing the muzzle.  (Not sure this is a positive for people aggressive dogs).

The ‘Quack’  seemed to perform the same functions as a traditional muzzle, but actually gives the dog a little more freedom to sniff around since it’s so open at the end.  It also proved easier for the dog to adjust to.

We think for the right use (such as nail trims or visits to vet offices) the Quack is a very good alternative to a basket muzzle.

Have a product you’d like us to test?  Send us the product’s name and where it can be obtained and your favorite Central Ohio dog training center will do the rest!

You can find this and other great pet products for sale at The Woofie Shop, located at Acme Canine, Lewis Center, Ohio,  your Greater Columbus canine resource center.

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