Quack: A Good Alternative to Muzzles for Dog

‘Quack’ by Japanese designer pet supplies company Oppo is an interesting option to the usual basket muzzle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Muzzles are tough. Training is the best option and best way to keep your dog out of a muzzle.
  • The Quack muzzle is shaped like a ducks bill and looks fun – it’s best for small and medium dogs.
  • You can make a muzzle out of strips of cloth if you’re desperate.

Some feel the muzzle is “nothing short of torture for the dog.” While others think it “actually looks much nicer than a Hannibal Lecter/bad-guy-from-Skyfall/Darth-Vader-face-mask sort of prison.” 

Shaped like a duck’s bill, the Quack muzzle sits on the dog’s snout to transform your canine friend’s biting issue into being safe around other dogs and people.

We ordered three sizes to test from Amazon.com.  The total cost was less than $20 for all three. Although they say they are for medium and large dogs, I don’t believe they would fit a dog larger than 20 lbs.

Quack Muzzle
  • Gives dogs more freedom than traditional muzzle
  • Charming aesthetic - doesn't look harsh like regular muzzle
  • Does not restrict your dog's movements
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What dog is the Quack best for?

Recommended dog breeds for the Quack muzzle are small to medium-sized dogs. They are not recommended for large breed dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, or labradors. Dogs with larger faces, like the bulldog, may also not benefit from the Quack muzzle because it won’t provide a good fit.

Suggested breeds for the Quack are smaller dogs with smaller muzzle sizes like a poodle, chihuahua, pomeranian, dachshund, miniature pinscher, Border Collie, and Jack Russell Terrier.

Mouth CircumferenceHead Back CircumferenceWeight (KG)Weight (Lbs)
Small13 cm (5.1″)27 cm (10.6″)2.5 – 4.5 kg5.5 – 9.9 lb
Medium13 cm (5.1″)33 cm (12.9″)5 – 5.5 kg 11 – 12.1 lb
Large17 cm (6.7″)35 cm (13.78″)9 – 12.5 kg19.8-27.5 lb

Quick Quack Specs

Sizes: Medium, Small, and Large

Brand: Gazelle Trading

Color: Pink or Yellow

Materials: Non-toxic silicone

We usually use a plastic basket style muzzle when walking aggressive dogs in the neighborhood.  People do notice and stay away from the muzzled dog.  We saw this when testing the ‘Quack.’ It encouraged people to approach us and ask why the dog was wearing the muzzle.  (Not sure this is a positive for people aggressive dogs).

The ‘Quack’ seemed to perform the same functions as a traditional muzzle but gives the dog a little more freedom to sniff around since it’s so open at the end.  It also proved more accessible for the dog to adjust to.

We think the Quack is an excellent alternative to a basket muzzle for the correct use (such as nail trims or visits to vet offices).

Quack benefits

Why use the Quack as a good alternative to basket style muzzles? Here are a few reasons:

  • When worn on walks, the Quack can help avoid unintentional injuries to others passing by
  • Has a more charming aesthetic and doesn’t look as harsh as a regular muzzle
  • Soft, adjustable, flexible. It does not restrict your dog’s movements
  • Breathable and comfortable

We found that the only real complaints about the Quack dog muzzle were in the sizing. Even ordering a large, many found that it was not big enough for their particular dog. Keep in mind that this muzzle is best suited for smaller dogs, especially those found in the toy breed category.

Quack Muzzle
  • Gives dogs more freedom than traditional muzzle
  • Charming aesthetic - doesn't look harsh like regular muzzle
  • Does not restrict your dog's movements
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Looking for more options to consider as an alternative to muzzle for dog? Here are two options people use for training and as an alternative to the Quack and more traditional muzzle options.

PetSafe Gentle Leader

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar
  • Easy to Fit
  • Alternative to Muzzle
  • 4.5 Stars with 57,393 ratings (at time of this writing)
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If you want to steer clear of more traditional muzzle options, you can also try the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar. It is a head halter that is vet recommended and designed. It will not help with biting but will help you teach your dog better leash manners. It helps stop unwanted and potentially aggressive behavior like pulling, lunging and jumping while allowing the dog to maintain its full range of motion.

Your dog can still eat, drink, and play. So, if you use a muzzle on walks because your dog gets too excited, this may be a good alternative to try out.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

BASKERVILLE Ultra Dog Muzzle
  • Traditional basket muzzle of high quality
  • Comfortable and humane
  • Comes in 6 sizes
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The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle prevents chewing and biting. It is a basket muzzle, allowing your dog to pant and drink while it is on. It is a more comfortable and humane alternative to a traditional muzzle. It is also lightweight, durable, and adjustable. The Baskerville muzzle is the ideal muzzle alternative to wear during vet visits and grooming sessions.

How to make a makeshift muzzle at home

If you need a muzzle now and your Quack hasn’t arrived yet, you can easily make a makeshift muzzle at home you can use in an emergency situation. All you need are strips of cloth. If you don’t have cloth, then pantyhose or ribbon and nylon leashes will work just as well.

When making your makeshift muzzle, it needs to be tight enough that your dog can’t open its mouth to bite but not too tight that it impairs their breathing.

To make the emergency muzzle, cut a long strip out of the cloth or pantyhose so you can wrap it around the dog’s nose. Once it is wrapped, tie it securely behind their head, so they can’t open their mouth.

When is it appropriate to use a dog muzzle or one of these alternatives?

Here are a few of the more appropriate times you may need to use a dog muzzle or the alternatives we have listed:

Dog bite history

One of the most appropriate times to use a dog muzzle is if your dog has bitten or tried to bite another dog or person in the past. It may be appropriate for muzzling when the dog is injured or becomes frightened during an emergency. When this happens, they may be more likely to bite. The muzzle will keep everyone safe.

During grooming

Dogs also often wear a muzzle during a grooming session as well. If your dog has gone through desensitization with handling exercises, they may be more tolerant of a grooming session. If not, the muzzle may be necessary until the dog becomes used to the process or when they are unfamiliar with the groomer.

Threatening situations

If there is a situation that will upset or stress your dog out, like an exam at the vet, you may want to use a muzzle to deter them from biting. If this is the case, though, you should also consider behavior modification, so you don’t have to use the muzzle in the future.

Every dog should have some form of muzzle training, not just aggressive dogs. A dog muzzle should never be used as an alternative to training.

When NOT to use a muzzle

There are also times when a muzzle should not be used. Remember, muzzles are meant to stop biting behavior and are not meant to correct or prevent problem behaviors. In that case, you need more consistent dog training and behavior modification – not a muzzle.

We do recommend this free workshop from the K9 Training Institute and their followup course for dog behavior modification.

Free Dog Training Education
K9 Training Institute's Free Dog Training Workshop
  • Train Your Dog to Be As Obedient as a Service Dog
  • Free workshop on Dog Training from Dr. Alexa Gomez, PhD
  • Fix Leash Pulling, Jumping on People, and Other Common Behavioral Problems
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High stress situation

If your dog is in a situation that is inciting higher than normal stress levels, like the dog park, a muzzle shouldn’t be used. You are aware that the situation stresses your dog out, so you want to work on changing their reaction instead of muzzling them to get through their time at the dog park.

Excessive barking

Muzzles also shouldn’t be used for excessive barking. This behavior may be due to separation anxiety or boredom. It can also be a sign of territorial barking or their way of seeking out attention. You need to determine the cause of the barking rather than trying to pacify it with a muzzle.

Which type of muzzle is best for your dog?

Overall, the best muzzle for protection will be a plastic muzzle like the Quack we reviewed above. It offers a good fit and is ideal for training. A plastic muzzle lets the dog breathe and pant and even allows them to drink water when necessary. A plastic basket muzzle can be worn for longer periods of time compared to more traditional muzzles, and you can still offer your pup treats while they are wearing it.

Should your reactive dog wear a muzzle in public?

If you have a reactive dog and feel that his behavior could ultimately turn aggressive or you have difficulty keeping them under control during a walk, then a muzzle like the Quack is a good solution.

How do you get your dog to wear the Quack muzzle?

Keep in mind that your dog might be as receptive as you hope when you first try their Quack. To accept a muzzle, you should follow a few steps as you get your dog acclimated. Start by letting your furry friend sniff and explore the Quack.

Touch his nose with it. Hold the Quack in one hand, and a dog treat in the other. Make it, so he must put his nose into the Quack muzzle to retrieve his treat. Now, gently slip the muzzle onto his face and give him the treat. It might take a few tries, but eventually, your dog will get used to it.

Final thoughts

If you are dealing with dog aggression or need a muzzle you can use during a dog training session, then the Quack is a great choice. It fits nicely over your dogs snout and doesn’t impede their ability to drink or pant. The adjustable strap makes it easy to find the best fit, and it can deter dog bites and help with behavior modification training.

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